Saturday, 13 November 2010

I don't know how to do a powerpoint presentation: Sydney Bloggers Festival 2010

Here's a photo of me talking at the Inaugural Sydney Bloggers Festival last Thursday:

You know that Brady Bunch episode where Cindy gets picked to appear on a television show? And she turns into a complete brat, annoying everybody, totally up herself because she's all famous? Then she goes on the show and becomes terrified and blank and doesn't answer anything?


My talk was kind of like that. It was an utter privilege to be a part of something so cool ... yet, when it was my turn to talk I was so nervous and clammy clamster. My heartbeat was actually moving my badge up and down. I had been so looking forward to it. Alas, I dropped the ball.

I started with stats and what is a mumblogger, demographics, the ripe potential in the Australian blogosphere at the moment ... but I got flustered and stammery. I thought I would walk nonchalantly around the room, with witty confidence, gaily chatting and holding my clicker with style. I just stood in the one spot, frozen. Then I just said, well, that's all the boring stuff out of the way. Now here is my blogging story ....

... and I told my blogging story. My big, fat, messy, wonderful, terrible blogging story. That story is all mine ... all of the ups and downs and joy and mire that I put in here. I am the expert on it, so I spoke much more freely ... (and openly!) ... than I had originally intended. That's ok. I could kind of feel the shift in the room when I started talking from the heart. And everybody was so lovely to me afterwards, when I just wanted to run from the building, all the way down O'Connell Street, far away from the powerpoint clicker.

The best thing was, I met some really fantastic people. My tribe. My homies. People who don't think blogging is odd. (I mean, blogging IS odd, but the people who do it anyway? Awesome.)

Blogging is so important to me. It's really exciting to be a part of the blogosphere down here in Australia at the moment. It's not a passing fad .... it's a revolution.

Viva La Revolución, baby!


Photo: A Cajun Down Under
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