Saturday, 27 November 2010

The Answer to the World's Problems

The answer to the world's problems is for everybody to get cancer check-ups.

Because then you wonder if you have cancer.

Oh my goodness what if I have cancer! My life! What if I lose my life and I haven't done all the things I wanted to yet or overcome my obstacles or travelled to New York or forgiven people or learnt how to do the tango, how to cook a lemon souffle, how to just breathe and let it all go?

Then, you get the results back and they are clear. (Note: this especially works if a loved one goes through the testing, too.)

Then, the panic wears off and you are left to live your life. Which makes you gratefully want to achieve all the things you've always put aside for another day. Today is the another day!

Life is short. Do all of the wild and precious things you can possibly think of. Now. There won't always be time. (Because sometimes, the results are bad.)

Last night I had the best flying dream I have ever had in my life. Some of the best ones have occurred during my darkest times: as a child, and in my twenties. I think our Souls can only fly free at night, during sleep.

I dreamt that I was in a really crowded pub, with cigarette smoke and booze and mayhem. I had to go, because I didn't belong anymore. I walked through the worst rooms  ... they reeked, and had the most-lost people in there. Walking through, I grabbed a microphone and wanted to tell everyone they didn't have to live like this anymore and could come outside with me if they wanted to.

I tried to talk, but just then, Gun's N Roses "Sweet Child'O'Mine" came on. (The song I had on constant play in my bedroom as a sixteen year old just after the suicide of my (step)dad in 1988.)

I couldn't interrupt the song, so just smiled and waved at everybody, and walked outside into the fresh air. There was a beautiful expanse of water, cross between a beach and a lake. It stretched on for miles. I started to fly, over the water, away from the pub. But I wasn't just flying ... I was gliding and flipping and gracefully dancing. Dance-flying. It was SO wonderful.

All of the people in the pub were watching me, I used my thought-waves to tell them that they all could do this too. They just had to step outside. Easy!

I looked down into the water and knew that there were probably dozens of sharks, swimming along below me, waiting for me to fly low and snap me up. That was ok .... danger lurks everywhere. It doesn't mean I had to stop flying.


My boys carefully studying a ladybug. Max ended up passing it to me.

"You make a wish, mum!"

I honestly couldn't think of anything to wish for. I have everything. So I gave my wish over to God.


I hope you have a really lovely weekend, truly. I hope you are ok, down inside yourself, wherever you are.

Life can be amazing, if you let it.
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