Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Why I Blog Like a Trapped Chilean Miner

I want to know what happened in the first seventeen days.

Will the real story of the Chilean miners ever be told? The dark parts - the parts glossed over with pacts and a "what happens in the mine, stays in the mine" mentality? There have been claims the men came to blows. Some were too depressed to leave their beds, others quietly thought of cannibalism. In the first seventeen days, the men didn't know if there was any hope of a rescue. They broke into three groups, with fist fights common.

I would love to know the dark parts. I need to know all the murky parts in life. Tell me your darkest dark .... and I'll tell you mine. What happened? What did you think? How did you overcome it?

I'm realising I blog like a trapped Chilean miner ... in the first seventeen days. It was years into blogging that I first heard the term, "naked blogger."

Oh great, I remember thinking. Now I'll have to delete my whole blog.

No - I just went public instead.


I could tell you about the wonderful weekend we had, driving down to Leichardt for pasta and gelato and then having our first swim at the beach for this season. We laughed, drank coffees .... a certain someone in particular ate every morsel of his ice cream.

..... if my blog were candy coated, I wouldn't tell you about the argument I had with my husband in Crystal carwash, when he made me so cranky I punched him square in the middle of his left arse cheek. (Because he called me pathetic. Which I was *totally* being, but I wouldn't tell you that either!)

I'd tell you how blue the sky was, how great it felt to be alive in that sun in that very minute. How I love these guys, and pray I'm bringing them up as responsible, caring human beings.

As I apologised to my husband later that night, I wondered if there was anybody else in the world who would punch their husbands in the butt. As hard as they could, but it didn't hurt anyway. Because it was his BUTT.

I decided there is - just not everybody blogs it.
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