Thursday, 14 October 2010

All Hail the Bin Juice

I came home.

Oh man, did I come home. Dave watched me get out of the car, laughed as I ran over to the house and kissed and hugged it. Home. I kissed Dave all over his head, told him he has no idea how much I love him. I jumped straight back in the car and picked Max up from school and kissed him - just a bit, because he was at school. He got into the car and I clung to his bony little body. "Max I missed you so much! My beautiful sweetheart guy!"

He laughed. We went to the chocolate shop AND the lolly shop. We picked Rocco up .... he looked up from his dinosaur, saw I was there, and ran around and around like a spinning top, so excited to see me.

We all just loved on each other. I told them all I was never leaving them again. I told Tim I was going to be the best female nurturer in all the land.

Rocco did a big poo in the bath. It had corn in it. I scooped it out with his toy watering can, took it straight outside to the wails of, "It's MINE! Mummy that's MY POO. Give it back to me, he's miiiiiiine!"

I wiped down surfaces, scraped congealed bin juice, changed toilet paper rolls. Folded clothes, went grocery shopping, planned meals, helped with homework.

All the stuff - it's my job .... my main job.

I think I freaked out so much last week because, if I have no children and no husband with me, who am I?

I will find that out, when the time is right.


I love it - all of it. Except when Rocco did another poo in the bath the next night. And except when I dropped my iPhone in the toilet today, as I was wiping it before I sat down because it was so darn filthy. That pretty much sucked.

But I loved everything else. Thanks to my recent stint in the wilderness ... I am full to the brim of love and compassion and gratitude.

I'm so lucky. Life is miraculous. I'm deeply fulfilled. If I were to leave this earth tomorrow .... I would deem my life a success.

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