Thursday, 9 September 2010

Work. It's a four-letter word.

I have a job interview-type-situation tomorrow. In the heart of Sydney. I have to take both boys, find a car park, meet my sister at her clinic, dump both boys off to her ... and a car seat ... and hot-foot it down to the interview-thingy. It's 11pm right now and I just thought, ohhh, I guess I need to print out a resume. After, you know, I WRITE ONE. I have applied for so many jobs, in the past ten years. Not all for writing - some editing jobs, receptionist jobs ... admin officer, customer service operator, fricken retail. How many have I got? Zilch. Not a one, nay nay nay.

It's laughable, almost. It makes me feel old - the younger version of myself could pick up a new job before it was even advertised.

Of course, I'm always working. I do all different things - manage the bookings for some holiday houses that Dave built, regular column in a trade magazine, interviews here and there ... but nothing with a big cash flow. You know how, in every relationship, there's those few issues that re-hashed and argued about time after time? Yeah, mine is that all the good jobs for me are down in Sydney. A full 2-hour commute away from our house. So I get stuck applying for dud jobs that I don't want but I don't even get. This job I'm going for tomorrow - is ideal. Working from home, freelancing, for a major bank. Nice, quiet Nepal - (Monsters Inc reference)

One day, I would love to write out a completely true, unadulterated resume. No lies - just the absolute truth, detailing the large holes. HAH.

So in the morning, all I have to do is print out my customised resume, pack clothes for three people, take back late DVDs, google directions, wrestle Rocco into the car using shameless bribery, answer Max's question of "How many more hours til we're at Tommy's house?" ... then drive two hours. I am going to be soooooo relaxed by the time I get there!

Me and the boys will be staying at my sister Linda's house on the Friday, then my other sister Leigh's house on the Saturday night. So I don't have to cook again until we come home Sunday SCORE!
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