Saturday, 25 September 2010


Rocco has an ear infection!!! Isn't it MARVELOUS! He's on antibiotics and his lump is shrinking.

We're *pretty* sure it's just his lymph node, doing its job. Poor lumps - they get a bad rap, don't they? Nobody likes them. In gravy, in boobs, in cheese sauce, in your stomach five days before your son gets born .... nobody wants lumps.

Yet sometimes, a lump is just a lump. Nothing more.

Crisis averted.


This afternoon, I am driving down to Glebe to meet some actual, real-life, Aussie bloggers. IN THE FLESH. Blogging is becoming much more visible here in Australia. It's a wonderful thing. I will meet Brenda, we've skyped and emailed and tweeted, and now we shall eat churros together.

What are churros? Oh, only THESE .......

Spanish doughnuts, aka pastry that is fried until crunchy, then sprinkled with sugar. We're meeting in a churros RESTAURANT.



Have a wonderful, lump-free weekend.

Love Eden XOX
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