Saturday, 25 September 2010


Rocco has an ear infection!!! Isn't it MARVELOUS! He's on antibiotics and his lump is shrinking.

We're *pretty* sure it's just his lymph node, doing its job. Poor lumps - they get a bad rap, don't they? Nobody likes them. In gravy, in boobs, in cheese sauce, in your stomach five days before your son gets born .... nobody wants lumps.

Yet sometimes, a lump is just a lump. Nothing more.

Crisis averted.


This afternoon, I am driving down to Glebe to meet some actual, real-life, Aussie bloggers. IN THE FLESH. Blogging is becoming much more visible here in Australia. It's a wonderful thing. I will meet Brenda, we've skyped and emailed and tweeted, and now we shall eat churros together.

What are churros? Oh, only THESE .......

Spanish doughnuts, aka pastry that is fried until crunchy, then sprinkled with sugar. We're meeting in a churros RESTAURANT.



Have a wonderful, lump-free weekend.

Love Eden XOX


  1. I am covering my eyes and refusing to read about your churro adventures.

    Yay for an ear infections!!

    Thanks for you sweet comment on my post..I love you too friend, hope we get to be together again one day. I told Scott we can stay in Australia for free, and his ears perked up.... : D

  3. Veronica - I LOVE how you own Tasmania, on the Aussie Bloggers Conference map.

    I will buy you some churros in March, pinky swear!

  4. Seee?? You need to listen to us more often. Churros and no bad lumps.....sounds like a perfect day :)

  5. I'm pleased to hear that it's just an infection Eden! Get better Rocco xxx

  6. I am not a fan of churros (strange, because I usually like all things fried) but I am finding myself to be a reluctant fan of ear infections! Not only is a lump a lump, you may have an early warning system, whereas all I ever got was my sleep disturbed by a cranky but otherwise healthy kid who couldn't lie down comfortably.

    Enjoy your fried dough...even when they fill them with chocolate, I still don't like 'em. A churros restaurant? Really?

  7. Churros = Total Nomness! See you very very soon! Wheeeeeee!

  8. Yum! Churros are the best! Glad to hear the antibiotics are working. Nothing worse than a sick bub!

  9. YAY for shrinking lumps! And YAY for Churros!

  10. omfg I cant get enough of churros. When I lived in Spain I was blown away that breakfast could consist of these fried pieces of heaven and a cup of pure chocolate *drools*
    Oh and I'm jealous that you get to meet up with bloggers...I actually dont know many Aussie bloggers though...

  11. Oh thank God! Whew. Great way to start my day, E. Well done.

    Churros ... oh God. Now I have to go downstairs and eat something nutritious and try to forget I saw those.

    Relieved for you,


  12. fantastic news! enjoy you weekend

  13. How good are churros? How fantastic are those little pots of melted chocolate??

    So great to meet you! Twas a lot of fun.

    See you soon xx

  14. Congrats on Rocco's lump shrinking!! That's fabulous news!! Churros are sooooo good! You're making me want to go out in my PJs and get one!

  15. Oh, my dear sweet girl! Never have I been gladder to hear of an ear infection. Nobody likes lumps, indeed. Down with lumps!

    Sorry I'm so behind I'm commenting here - I believe your phrase is "swallowed by life". Um, yeah - me too. My love for you is unabated, though. XOXOX

  16. so a few things: (a) apparently blogger thinks you are a spammer and sends your comments to my spam folder...spam spam spam...I love that word.
    (2) I am, indeed, an Aussie. But thanks for calling me a hot americano ;)
    (c) yup, that is my caravan :) I have two of them. Are you jealous now? I have to actually start working on restoring them though, one is sitting in my in-laws driveway and I think I am losing my standing as favourite daughter in law more and more each day it sits there!

  17. I wish I could have come to that meetup to meet you ...well really for the Churros too and Brenda.

    Hub was driving his sister & BIL to the airport (going home to Q). I had no-one to mind the monkeys and he couldn't fit them all in the car or rather neither his sister or BIL would have fit next to the carseats ;).


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