Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Welcome to Planet New York

Not exactly sure I can even narrate this, huge journey. While I'm still going through it - but I can try.

Attending my first BlogHer conference, having my mind blown wide open ..... connecting with other women, looking deeply into the business and nature of blogging and our "virtual" worlds, the good we can do and the meaning we can create is only limited to how far our brains can think. Women are connecting through social media like never before, it's a wonderful thing.

Finally meeting friends and women bloggers I have admired and known online for years. Hugging them tight - "You're real!" I kept saying. "You're really real!"

Being the only Australian in a sea of Americans - loving it. Feeling like an ambassador for my country, and excited because I believe blogging is really going to start taking off more in Australia. Years ago I would google over and over different versions of "mum blogging", "Australia", "Aussie women online" ... and not finding much. These days they are sprouting up everywhere - Brenda at Aussie Mummy Bloggers, I can't wait to meet you!

Sitting next to my husband during the opening keynote, listening to a diverse group of bloggers read out some of their most amazing posts. Laughing as I read his thoughts .... "Um, how long do I have to stay hon?" Estrogen FTW!

Taking photos of Martha Stewart's cupcakes at the party in her offices overlooking the Hudson River.

Leaving the same party almost as soon as I got there because I felt SO uncomfortable .... sharing cab rides with complete strangers who were new friends after five minutes.

Ordering two burgers from the Hilton at 11.30pm one night because me and my roomie Kate were too lazy to go buy a slice of pizza ..... and trying not to flinch when I signed the bill of SEVENTY-EIGHT dollars. (They were very good burgers. They'd wanna be.)

This is Kate - she's very shy.

Walking the streets of New York with Dave - never will I forget that first night when we stepped into Times Square. I gasped, my mouth literally dropping open in amazement. I was so very shocked. Times Square is the future, baby. It takes a lot to shock me these days .... New York, I have met my match.

Meeting Fadra in the last hour of the last party ..... Fadra I love you! Be mine!

Feeling so free and open and friendly, I never want this to end, but knowing it will at some point. Because, you know, MY CHILDREN. Thinking about them all the time .... so much so, we told them on a billboard.

I will never be the same again.

Hailing a cab by myself and running into the traffic to try and open the door - the front door. I was pulling and pulling and all these cars backed up and the driver was motioning me to sit in the back and when I did I said, "Oh ... you can sit in the front in Australia, sorry." And he laughed and laughed so hard at me.

I'm onto you, America - I know why you invented half-and-half. Because the full richness of the cream distracts from the crap crapiness of your coffee.

So ... this is all just for starters. I may need to post twice a day to catch up to myself, I have so much more to say. In fact I'll try ... even though Dave is having jealousy issues with my laptop. (Mmmmm, my beautiful sleek laptop.)

I will be back. Bottom line for now - the world can be an amazing place, if you let it.

(All photos taken by me. Except the ones OF me, because that would be impossible unless I was Inspector Gadget.)


  1. I LOVE the billboard! That's awesome. So glad you are having a good (if overwhelming) time!

  2. I lived in NY back in the 80's - just for a few months. 20 years old - my hotel room had a view of Liberty and Ellis Island. I traipsed all over Manhattan and loved every moment of it. A few years back Rupes and I were in Maryland when I had my ectopic pregnancy and I wasn't allowed to fly home to NZ. So we took the train to NY and ran all over - it was so great to share it with him. It is the most amazing city - I could never live there now, but I loved it and it has a very special place in my heart.

    I am SOOO glad you are having such an amazing time dear Eden. Enjoy every moment and think of all the blogging fodder you have to bring home with you. Love and hugs! xxx

  3. Lovely to meet you! (through Mel. :)

  4. $78 for burgers! What was in them, solid gold?

  5. Man, I am just a teeny tiny bit jealous you got to BlogHer at farking NEW YORK!!

    PS. Cannot wait to meet you IRL too.xxx

  6. Glad you flew the flag for all of us 'Aus hes'.

  7. I am sure by now you have loaded up with crap from street vendors. I can go to NYC and buy a suitcase full of shirts, pictures etc and the kids have no clue that it only cost me about 20 bucks :)

    I hope the burger got things moving (if you catch my drift;)

  8. Sounds like fun. Glad you are having a good time.

  9. 1. Very very jealous of BlogHer attendance!
    2. Apparently Bossy can do it (take self-portraits with no outside intervention) but she IS six foot seven. (ish)
    3. Times Square (triple sigh).

  10. Could not think of a better blogger to represent Australia! I can't wait to hear all the stories, the trip looks amazing

  11. Want a billboard....NOW! Can't wait to read more, looks like a blast.

  12. Well now, maybe that's why I've never been a coffee drinker! I prefer tea (English tea) for my caffeine fix. Some day I'll get to Australia and try the coffee ;)

  13. Wow. I was just reading for fun and imagine my pleasure at finding some love being sent my way. I'm yours ;)


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