Friday, 20 August 2010

Pilgrimage: "A long journey or search of great moral significance."

So now Dave and I *really* won't ever be the same again. We both feel it and we both know it. We're planning when we can come back - I can't wait to show the boys.
Bali is more than anything I could have imagined - and I imagine big, you know.

Here's an inkling of what it's like:

Our last day is tomorrow ... I'm planning a visit to the orphanage. To take toys and food, especially bread and fruit. I can't just come here and take and leave - the Balinese people are so friendly and warm. And poor. And grateful. It makes me grateful that they're grateful, and so on.

Back in America, I would tell people I was going to Bali and they were all like, OMG BALI and I ppffffffffttttttted at them because it's no big deal for an Aussie to come here, it's so cheap to travel.

And now I'm all OMG BALI!!!!!


PS Leigh, Linda, Mum, Jim, Cam ..... we're all coming together. I mean it. Yes Cam that means you, you can have your own villa so we don't all annoy you with our manic sisterly ways but secretly you LOVE IT.


  1. OMG Bali! It looks fantastic - and it must be very moving...

    I hope you enjoy your return family trip.

  2. Glad to hear that you're enjoying it.

    Personally, no interest whatsoever of ever visiting, never have done though.

  3. I am transported by your pictures -- I truly believe that there are things trying to change us if we pay attention.

    Unfortunately I'm usually pre-occupied with why my pantry is so disorganized and wondering if there's a speck of chocolate I can eat and whether its ethical to eat your son's candybar (it is, by the way -- you left it in view of someone you know has a chocolate problem then you must not value your chocolate...)

    I am so happy for you both -- I especially like the first photo -- it made me think of you and Dave standing next to one another just BEING...




    and I think that I'll just invite G and myself along the next time you guys go -- that won't be a problem will it? ;)

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  5. I've been to Indonesia a lot for work. Indonesians are lovely. Lots of Indos in my office and they bring great food in. Got to love it. Such a wonderful place to visit.

  6. Beautiful! I'm so jealous. And OK, you can hop over to Bali anytime, but I can go to NY anytime. Haha!

  7. Nothing hotter than a sexy, macho, tattooed guy, with a purse ;)

    (Sorry Dave...couldn't resist--teehee)

  8. Wow. That looks amazing. I'd love to visit there someday.

  9. Glad you are having an awesome time!


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