Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Mummy. Mummy Who?

- Photo taken by me the other night. A hotel foyer in NY. I stood there clicking and told Dave it reminded me of me and my two boys and I shifted around to get the band of vertical metal separating us, symbolising being parted from them. Dave stared at me.

Tomorrow I will write my BlogHer recap. It's still settling down, in my head. Tonight Dave and I went to see Fela. Over on 49th Street. I understand the streets here now - but I will never get used to the cop uniforms. They just look so fake and I want to laugh out loud, but I don't.

We finally went over to SoHo, and Greenwich Village .... I bought three dresses at a vintage shop for a hundred bucks. I want to do a fashion shoot and blog them to you. The shopping is a feast - ideal for us actually, as America is soon headed into fall and Australia will be almost spring by the time we get back. So we are getting all the summer sales.

Tomorrow morning Dave is having his helicopter ride, then we will go sightseeing. He has a strong desire to go to Brooklyn. I have a strong desire to go to a gallery or museum. Probably the MoMa. Maybe the Guggenheim. Or BOTH. We can do whatever we want. Whenever.

Man I miss my guys. I rang Max yesterday with a huge lump in my throat - until I spoke with him and heard how totally fine and unfazed he is. Crunching on something down the phone. "What are you eating sweetheart?"

A crunchy pause, then,

"Burger rings. For breakfast."

Laughing, knowing there was nothing I could do about it.

We haven't spoken or skyped with Rocco, didn't want to confuse him. He is going really well, apparently. There is a changing of the guard today, Dave's mother is handing over the baton to my mother. I just spoke to her and it was a relief, to hear her voice and know that the kids are ok. I'm so grateful for that.

I just found this on my computer, tugging at my heart.

Man that booger he pulled out was a big one. I remember watching him wipe it on the floor. I don't remember cleaning it up.

(I look so tired and haggard in this video.)

I miss his disgusting little boogers, and poopie nappy explosions. I might even be nearly close to missing wrangling a small child in public.



  1. Geez that was cute! I have a kid Rocco's age and last week we went away for the first time without him. Only an hour plane flight away but STILL, I totally get how you're feeling! We missed our flight home by ten minutes and they wouldn't let us on and I had to spend a fifth night away from him and man I let that arsehole jetstar check in guy have it (as in, I sobbed like a baby in front of him for ten minutes). So, you know, don't miss check in!

  2. They have show on Fela Kuti ? He is one of my favourite musicians ? How was the show? I am so jealous, I wish I was the other Aussie in New York.

    Keep having fun!

  3. How adorable!

    It sounds like you're having a great trip, missing the kids notwithstanding. Enjoy the break...soon you will be back home cleaning up the boogers again.

    I hope you brought a video camera for the helicopter trip!

    Also, what are burger rings?

  4. "I look so tired and haggard in this video"

    You're confused. Come here and I'll show you haggard. ;) I was thinking just the opposite when you typed that.

    "I miss his disgusting little boogers, and poopie nappy explosions. I might even be nearly close to missing wrangling a small child in public."

    Isn't that the way. Free at last. Not really. :) Enjoy the tme, Babe. You deserve it. Mwah.


  5. What an awesome experience you're having. It rocks that you're doing so many cool thing and that you and Dave are enjoying yourselves. You so totally deserve it.

  6. Rocco is so adorable! Loved hearing his tiny voice with the Aussie accent ;)

  7. You have no idea how much I wish I was trolling the streets of the Village with you!

    Don't worry about the boys. Kids handle separation from us MUCH better than we do from them :)

  8. LOL @ Max!! (What are burger rings?)

    My friend and I found a small modern art museum on of my trips to NY. The whole show was casts of male penises. Very interesting and educational.

  9. Of course they'd be male penises...unless they were hermaphrodites but I don't remember any notations about that.


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