Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Shining Diamonds

How am I ever going to leave them? My two shining diamonds .... my biggest treasure, the reason for everything. The sun and the moon and all the planets and orbits and satellites as well. Everything.

I'm pretty sure, when the plane takes off next week ..... the invisible cord will ricochet it straight back onto our front yard. And Max will come out and say "Mum what the heck!" And I'll cry and say "I couldn't leave you!!" Sobbing. And then he'll berate me because nanna will be making him extra hot chips and he's quite liking time apart from mum and dad thank you very much.

And everyone else on the plane will be all, WHAT THE F*CK??


  1. I leave on Sunday for a conference 5 hours away from home. I'll be staying there until Friday. That's 5 full nights and 6 whole days. OMG.

    I am a little freaked.

    But, I have to admit that the time to myself, even doing work, is appealing...

    I am thinking of it as a momcation. It will help me come back more centered and present with them. A short break is always good for that. Plus, absence makes the heart grow fonder and all of that jazz, right? Ha. I hope so. Maybe they'll stop making me kiss their broken fingers every. 5. seconds. all. day. long. (I have no idea where that gem came from, either. Their hands are not always clean, and damn if they don't make me do it over again if lips haven't connected with an actual appendage.) Doesn't make me a bad mother now does it?

    It will be hard, but it is going to be oh, so good for both of you! Hugs!

  2. You'll be so excited to be free but you'll miss them, too. I was actually really sad to come home when I was on my cruise. I KNOW, BAD MOM.

  3. Listen....you WILL miss them, but every time you get that pang in your gut, remember that 24 seconds after you walk in the door when you get home, you will be mad at yourself if you don't have a wonderful time when you had the chance! The boys will still be doing the same shit they are doing right this minute.

  4. OMG, you wrote it way better than I could.
    I am feeling all weepy and scared already - I am taking pictures of the kid sleeping, and eating, and POOPING for the love of god, because I just want pictures of all the day-to-day stuff with me in NYC. I am kissing his cheeks 80 million times a day in preparation, and he is like GET OFFA ME WOMAN! I know I am in psycho land, but I have never left him for this long.
    (Maybe part of my freak out is I don't trust my husband to take care of him as well as I do..??
    That is not nice.)
    We are gonna need a lot of chocolate.

  5. Please tell me that you're human and at least one time after posting this you thought to yourself, "Holy f*ck! Is my plane leaving yet? This kids are driving me bonkers!" Of course, those sentences are left to interpretation. I'm not really sure I know anyone who actually uses the word 'bonkers' anymore...or ever, now that I think about it.

  6. They truly are sparkly and shiny and precious. Beautiful photos of them.

    You will be fine, although it will be hard and you will miss them like crazy. But when you get back there will be a package of stuff from Canada waiting for you to share with them...

    p.s. The package will only be there if you send me your address, so please send me your address. I think I kept the envelope you sent me so long ago, but lord only knows where it might be.


  7. I'm just picturing a bunch of bewildered travellers sitting in an airplane in your driveway...

    By the end of the week you will probably feel like a weight has been lifted off of you. Then you will enjoy their surliness and misbehaviour as much as you enjoy their good nature and hugs and kisses. And they will be happy for having been spoiled by someone else for a time.

  8. And then you'll come back. Embraces, exclaims, stories and murmurs as you head into the first night back in your own bed. Bliss.

  9. When you get on the plane with the movie playing in the seat in front of you and hours to eat and go to the bathroom as you please you will love it!

    Then when you remember you might miss them a bit. But you will still love it. :-)

  10. You're gonna be alright! It's New York, baby.; )


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