Monday, 26 July 2010

I'm pretty sure I'll regret this one too.

This is my online submission for Project Mom Casting, who are developing a new series featuring online moms.

I could be their Australian connection ..... once they cast the show, all of the bloggers can fly to Australia and stay in the holiday house that Dave built. I run the accommodation business and take bookings for it ... it's big and beautiful and sleeps twelve and we could all vote each other off and do vlogs and talk about being a mom. Except I would teach them all how to say "mum." (And maybe how to light farts.)


Aussie mummy bloggers FTW!


  1. You rock Eden. I would LOVE to watch you with the US mommies xo

  2. I'm at work, but I watched this anyway. With the sound off. Cuz I knew it would still be funny. It was.

  3. They absolutely MUST have you. Truly.

    I'm going to tell them that.

  4. I'm only watching if you're on it.

  5. Hahahaha. Your big, beautiful, freezing bathroom!! It's funny the details that stick ... I remember you blogging about it before and I think of you there. :)

    Ah, fame is for you babe. Blogher, the newspaper, now this. ~Go~ Eddie. ESPECIALLY if you plan to blog all about it all so I can ride along.

    You know I love you. Madly.


  6. I would totally watch if you were on it! Good luck!

  7. Seriously, they have to pick you. And then I would have to audition, just so I could come over and say Mum and pick up your fantastic accent.

    See you in a WEEK!

  8. Hehehe. Love it! Good luck Eden.xx

  9. Reality shows only work if people are going to be mostly bear that in mind!

  10. Omg Eden wow! First I see you at my work, then I see you on my iPad at home, then I see you in last Sundays paper & if I get to see you on my tv at home I'll probably scream! One thing I love more than pedicures is reality tv! Omg you on a reality tv show, I'll just love it! Congrats babe, love Alisa xxxxx


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