Thursday, 15 July 2010

Bits of Tid

I don't know what I love about this photo more .... the fact that he scrunched it up after being cranky at me one day, then smoothed it out before putting it back on his corkboard. I asked him did he scrunch it: "Yes mum! HA!" We laughed about it, him with not a trace of fear. I love it. I love him.

Thank you for your comments on the Babygate post. Thank you. I was appalled when I came here this morning and realised that yes, I actually did compare my son to the antichrist. But he really is the sweetest, most gorgeous antichrist the world ever saw. Just then he ran up to me: "OH MY GORD MUM YOU CHEEKY BOY." And ran off again. I have pretended I'm the boss all week, which his shifted his behaviour considerably.

In an upcoming post I will show you a photo which clearly illustrates why I have not been able to respond individually to comments, or get around to many blogs. Please be warned: it's one of the most disgusting photos you'll ever see. I'm not joking. I haven't even shown my sisters yet. You are so welcome in advance!

I'm sick. HOORAY! Means I'll be all better by the time I nonchalantly jump on a plane and travel to NYC in less than three weeks. You Americans thinking that Bali is exotic are funny! An Australian travelling to Bali ..... it's like going to a local beach. Dirt cheap fares, man. Neither Dave nor I have been - apparently haggling is rife. I fail at haggling; Dave is a champion. He hates haggling next to me because I accidentally always end up on the other guys side.

Max and I threw caution to the wind and decided to take Damien Rocco to the movies. I warned Max: "Mate, we'll either last five minutes or the whole film. You wanna do it?"

"Let's risk it, mum."

Shrek 3D was a big success! Not a screaming meltdown or stray poopy nappy in sight! Parenting for the win!
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