Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Vlog: Talking about my r's. (Not my arse, my r's.)


  1. Lovely little stickybeak into you Eden. I, too, am a master of swampy procrastination though I haven't dared to vlog yet. On the pronunciation note - how does one say the name of Monica LeMoines blog KuKd. Is it 'Koo-Kud' or 'Kucked' or what??? I vote BlogHer is said Blogher, with a wee sniff of a frenchy accent.

    I especially love how the YouTube suggestions after your blog finished were about nose-hair trimming ()with a trimmer) and nose-hair plucking. Did you hide your vlog in the nose-hair category???

  2. I want to skype but I'm ridiculously shy.

    Can you BELIEVE THAT???

    Poor Rocco and that naughty boy -- I can't imagine how much it must've hurt to have that tough guy cry - but how good does it feel to have him snuggle into you?

    Ah frozen procrastination -- that's the story of my life -- as well as disorganization -- and on my good days I just try to embrace it as -- you know what? This is me. My car never ever gets washed, my clothes are STILL in semi-folded piles in the laundry room -- books are in stacks -- but sometimes I'd rather sit and just BREATHE than fill my time with busyness.

    Lovely to see you and pretend we could sit in front of that fire eating chocolate and drinking coffee.

    Maybe I'll do a vlog -- but NOT and I repeat NOT until I fix the hair situation....I haven't worn anything but a ponytail in six months.


    I love you my friend -- sending you a bit of summer warmth to lighten up the melacholy,


  3. I do love your vlogs...

    Poor Rocco - you'd think a destructor like him would also be mean enough to turn around and punch that other kid. But he's still so small, really. I hope he won't have to get tough with the other kids. And it always makes me crazy when the carers are busy chatting with each other, while the children are going wild around them.

    There's something about an empty house that tells me that I should be sitting around relaxing. I don't call it procrastination, though.

    We like to call it R-Kansas (like you thought it was pronounced) for fun, so just tell people you're doing it on purpose because obviously it's either misspelled or mispronounced. But, I'm from Illinois (which is ill-ih-noy, although some people call it ell-ih-noy, but it is NOT ill-ih-noise nor is it ill-ih-nwa), so I shouldn't be making fun of such things. Oh well, that's what happens when the Native Americans and the French collide...weird names, spellings, and pronunciations.

    Also it's Blaaahg-Her, to me anyway. :)

  4. Can you vlog more often? Or just skype me your entire day? I love your voice and just you. I could listen to you talk all day long.

  5. Love the vlog. So much fun. I was just talking about Skype today actually. I have a camera on my computer but I have never used it. How lame is that?

  6. Wow. You are really good at getting vlog sponsorship. How much are Procrastination and Melancholy paying you?

    I LOVED Skyping with you and mispronouncing "Racko" and "Blagger."

    Psssst...I just ordered myself a Flip phone so I can vlog like you.

  7. Eeep, poor Rocco!! RAAAAAHco.

    I can't wait to see you, this is crazy!

  8. I am absolutely bereft over the fact that I've been hoarding this post for 10 whole days - what the hell was I thinking? It is so ridiculously wonderful to hear you and see you all at once.

    I love your American accent a LOT. We get so much American media here that I could never hear the difference until I went to Japan and somehow being out of the normal element let me hear some of the differences finally and now it just cracks me up sometimes. (Canadians and Americans sound pretty similar most of the time.)

    I am also in procrastination mode somewhat - mostly just overwhelmed. I feel like I'm behind at everything all the damn time, and it sucks. I need to shift my mind so I just do what needs doing in the moment and quit stressing about it all. Easier said than done. Ideally, I'd like to breathe in those quiet moments, like Pam said, but truthfully I usually just stew about how much of a loser I am for not being more on top of things.

    You can tell Rocco that one of his internet aunties will totally whale on that mean kid for him. Just say the word...

    I have no idea what I just hit to make this align flush right...weird...wonder if it will show up in comments this way. xoxoxox

  9. Nope. Normal alignment on my previous comment. How strange.

    I forgot the best part - I say my Rs funny, too!! My family totally used to bug me about it when I was little. It's gotten somewhat better but when I hear myself speak on a recording or something I can still hear it. My middle name is Rose, too. So, um, yeah.

    On a scale of 1-10, how creepy is it that I get ridiculously excited every time I find out we have something in common?

  10. If you like skype - you should check out 'chat roulette' where you get randomly paired with someone, anywhere in the world who has their web can on and has logged in. apparently, its great! I couldn't cope - I'd have to put on mascara and do my hair and if I'm gonna do that, I don't want to stay indoors in front of the computer.


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