Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Sk8ter Boi (x 2)

The homecoming after The Crazy Lady episode went ok. I cooked beef goulash as a peace offering. Tim and I didn't really talk to each other at first ... then I walked up to him and ran my hands through his freshly shorn hair. We stood silently, as I patted his head like a little lambie. We were cool.

And then yesterday he left his wet clothes in the washing machine again.

Obviously, he has a death wish.


The sun briefly peeked through the clouds, so I quickly wanted to do something fun and creative with the boys before it rained again.

Max asked if we could go to the skate park. I put his scooter and skateboard in the car, and took him and Rocco.

Oh - a certain two-year old wanted in on the action:

He got the hang of it so quickly. Here he is waiting his turn, like all the other boys:

He wants to be on the top of everything. Always:

Mummy had to improvise, using a foot as the brake. Rocco wouldn't have a bar of it:

Then I saw something that reminded me of my life in my twenties:

Life in a dirty gutter!

This boy. This irrepressible, headstrong, gorgeous little boy. Just when I think it's impossible to love him any more .....

... he is Home, wherever he is.

That's a wonderful trait to have.
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