Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Sk8ter Boi (x 2)

The homecoming after The Crazy Lady episode went ok. I cooked beef goulash as a peace offering. Tim and I didn't really talk to each other at first ... then I walked up to him and ran my hands through his freshly shorn hair. We stood silently, as I patted his head like a little lambie. We were cool.

And then yesterday he left his wet clothes in the washing machine again.

Obviously, he has a death wish.


The sun briefly peeked through the clouds, so I quickly wanted to do something fun and creative with the boys before it rained again.

Max asked if we could go to the skate park. I put his scooter and skateboard in the car, and took him and Rocco.

Oh - a certain two-year old wanted in on the action:

He got the hang of it so quickly. Here he is waiting his turn, like all the other boys:

He wants to be on the top of everything. Always:

Mummy had to improvise, using a foot as the brake. Rocco wouldn't have a bar of it:

Then I saw something that reminded me of my life in my twenties:

Life in a dirty gutter!

This boy. This irrepressible, headstrong, gorgeous little boy. Just when I think it's impossible to love him any more .....

... he is Home, wherever he is.

That's a wonderful trait to have.


  1. I don't know how you do that! My heart would be in my throat the whole time with all that concrete around. I'm cringing here with the thought of skinned elbows and bashed heads...for Max and Rocco. I guess it's a good thing I have a girl.

    Clearly Tim does have a death try not to kill him, please. This is the time to apply passive aggressive strategies, because clearly, tackling the problem head-on was ineffective. Guerilla warfare, baby!

  2. Don't all men (young and old) have a death wish of some sort. Just when they finally quit doing whatever it is that drives you insane...well..they start doing it again. So goes it.

    Your boys are just the most gorgeous little men! I can't get over Rocco being and doing just like the big kids. Too cute!

  3. I say put Tim's wet stuff in a garbage bag and put it back in his room and out of your way. If he doesn't want to stink like mildew he will wise up and take care of it next time.

    The skater boys are adorable. Rocco is the bravest boy EVER!!

  4. gorgeous pics of your boys. They have a gritty urbanness offset by the kids sweet faces.

  5. Home is exactly where he is.

  6. I loved this post. The husband and I read it together and marvelled at Rocco.

    That kid needs a rocking helmet. :-)

  7. Would it be totally counter productive to take all said wet clothes from washer and dump them in a heap on the offenders bed?? A wet messy bed may be a deterant. However if it just creates more work for you then not such a good plan.

  8. I am totally crushing on your boys - they are so, so sweet each in their own way. Love those photos.

    Glad things with Tim are somewhat settled. You just know that one day he will settle down with someone who will kick his arse for doing all the crap he does to you, and he will be so ashamed.

    Wish I could hang with you in the skatepark.

  9. Love the photos of Rocco. I want to be as brave as him. Or as you! You only had your foot on the wheel? I would have sat on his little motorbike with him and held him strapped to my chest. You're a better mum than I would be, giving your children space to be themselves.


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