Wednesday, 26 May 2010


This is how I felt inside, at every single school I ever went to. I just didn't have the balls - or talent, to let it out like this guy does. Bloody fantastic.


  1. How inspiring -- I love this kid!

    You know what's really interesting about this video is to watch the girls in the crowd -- they clearly don't know what to make of it and are wavering between awe and derision -- which seems to about encapsulate how kids deal with someone 'out of the norm' at that age -- but how amazing that he has been given the gift of self-possession...if only ALL kids were so lucky!


  2. I noticed the same thing Wordgirl said, but she said it much better than I could.

    I bet you do have the talent and the cojones, Eedz.

    Thanks for the chills this morning. Great feeling when you watch someone unleash.

  3. That kid is talented!

    I never really had that much angst in school - I dabbled as a teenager, but am too lazy to maintain that kind of emotion for too long. :)

    I noticed the girls in the background too. It was quite interesting to watch them.

    I'm with Lavender Luz...I suspect you have both the talent and the balls. You may not have then, but you certainly do now!

  4. Wow. Thanks for sharing that, Eden. I completely agree with what everyone else said, but my brain is day-old porridge this morning, so no eloquent musings from me.

    And hey, can I call you Eedz? Sounds the same but a cooler spelling might help, eh? (heh heh heh)

  5. I love love LOVE this video! This kid is AMAZING! I feel such pride when I watch this video and I have no idea who this kid is!

  6. Isn't' he amazing?! He will be famous someday, no doubt.

    I thought it was a little funny that from the angle the video was shot, there are only girls in the audience. Intentional or not?

  7. I love the fact that he really seemed to get into what he was doing. This kid is someone that will survive the dreaded teen years. He has talent AND guts!

  8. I love watching those girls in the back, too. They seem pretty bitchy and cliquey to me, like they are looking around for somebody else's reaction before they commit to a reaction themselves.

    He went on Ellen and sang it again, just as amazing.


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