Monday, 17 May 2010

The Stories Not Shown in the Photo:

I bought these pants in the girls section. There's something about leggings on little boys that make my heart sigh. Dave clocked them and got all suspicious. I feigned exasperation. "As if, hon! They're boys tracksuit pants." (Heh) -

Speaking of tracksuit pants, Dave and the boys bought me a black Adidas trakkie for mothers day. Which I've worn every day since. I finally washed it today. I give it about three months before my armpit man-glands ruin it forever -

I cleaned Rocco's room. 6.7 seconds later this happened -

After destroying said clean room, Rocco gave birth to an 8-year old boy -

We daringly took the boys out for brekkie on the weekend. On the way there we stopped at a garage sale and bought this wooden toy for $2 which kept Rocco amused until our eggs arrived. Score! -

So annoyed at everybody in this house drinking all of my skim milk with gay abandon, I clearly marked my territory in permanent pen AND a skull and crossbones -

Mysteriously, all the milk was gone when I went to make a coffee the next morning.

Q) How do you piss mummy off so badly that steam comes out of her ears before 6.30am?

A) Put her skim milk container back in the fridge. With no skim milk in it.

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