Monday, 3 May 2010

Can't Touch This

They have to be all lined up perfectly. Nobody is allowed to touch them .... there is hell to pay if you touch them. He drives them all from one end of the house to the other, criss-crossing the floorboards.

He sees me snapping photos of his kitchen-garage, walks up to smile at me. I see what he is thinking. These are mine! Look what I did! You can't touch these mummy!!

Driving cars is thirsty work, you know.

Later that day, he walks up the street. Straight up to a bearded, tattooed guy drinking coffee. He tries to crawl into his lap. The guy laughs ... "Well well! You're not scared, are ya mate!" I laugh and say no, he's not scared of anything.

I ask the man can I take a photo, he agrees.

If Rocco had a wallet, this is what it would look like -

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