Saturday, 24 April 2010

Vlog: The Tim Tam Game

DISCLAIMER: I have actually been off chocolate for two whole days now. I'm having sugar-comedown-rages. Poor Dave.

How beautiful is my assistant in this vid?


  1. Thanks for the choco smile it made me laugh. I love you, your assistant and Tim Tams!!!

  2. I loved the look you gave just after you put the Tim Tam in your mouth! Too funny! And you are right, they are yummy! :-)

    Both you and your assistant were wonderful in the latest Edenvlog production. Bravo!

  3. Off to Hollywood for you two :)

    I am trying to think about what we have here in the states that would be like a Tim Tam....maybe Kit Kat? or Twix?

    Now I am going to have to try EVERY thing covered in chocolate to see if I can get that to work.

  4. I love you so much, both of you! That was just splendid!

    I first learned the Tim Tam game in Japan, from my American friend, who must have learned it from an Aussie somewhere along the way. I remember some serious sugar highs and lows as a result.

    I may have to go get some Tim Tams later on - you can actually get them here, and although I've been vigilant lately about not eating wheat, I think they are almost entirely sugar, so perhaps I can rationalize it! (Although to be honest, Ginger Nuts are really my favourite, dunked in tea. Mmmmmmmmmm.)

  5. My son is standing behind me saying, "Hi Max! How are you?" And now is is saying "Tim-Tam!" while pretending to drink milk with his banana. LOL. Apparently you hit a toddler nerve...

  6. Girl I went 6 days without chocolate! I couldn't believe it...Although I was having killer all day long headaches that I was blaming on hormones and then I decided that it must have been the lack of chocolate and went ahead and indulged myself. Headache gone and everyone happier ;)

  7. loved the video "heaps yum" awesome!!

  8. How could I have lived so long without knowing this game????

    And Max, you totally sold me on the deliciousness.

    I think I may have to move to Australia.

    I've gone exactly mnn... ten minutes without chocolate...I think that's all I am capable of!



  9. Your assistant is fantastic.

    I don't believe we have Tim Tams and I really can't imagine why I should be missing out on this delicious treat. Will have to check the import section at the fancy grocery store next time I go. Although, I dislike tea...I suppose it would work just as well with milk.

    I love your vlogs.

  10. You and Max are so friggin adorable! I was saving this Vlog to watch while I was sitting at my desktop, but I had read the title. Then I was walking through the store and saw Tim Tams and thought, isn't that strange, there's a cracker thingy named after the game that Eden is going to show me! Ok, I am a little slow on the uptick. Either way, next time I hit the store, they will be mine. No video to prove it though, I will leave that to you and Max :)



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