Sunday, 11 April 2010

Rocco Gets a Haircut

Dave put the clippers on number two, and did it on the back deck. I waited inside, expecting screams. All I heard was laughter, from both of them.

He now acts older, possibly because we treat him as if he is older.

But he still has the last vestiges of babyhood .... fat chubby hands, face scrunched during a wailing session, and the stinkiest nappies in the world.


  1. You know, I always drag my heels over the first haircut. But they always look so damn cute after. He looks swell.

    With Dylan, we were afraid all his ringlets would go and not return. But quite the contrary ... with the shorter hair, they were tighter than ever. Little Julius Ceasar.


  2. He looks like my little boy! It is the short blond hair.

  3. What a honey! Although it makes me a bit sad to see him looking so grown up...good thing he's still got his dummy and his loveys or I would think he's one of Dave's helpers.

  4. Ack!!! The baby curls! All gone! No more baby!

    Where'd you get that handsome little man, though?

  5. NOOOOOOOOO! I hope you saved one of the curls.

    Honestly,,,,none of my boys cried for their first haircut, but I had to walk outside the barbershop because I started to well up with tears.

  6. It's always fascinating and a bit sad to see babies go from babies to little kids with a single hair cut.


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