Wednesday, 7 April 2010


I think about her every day, this bewitching girl who captured hearts all over the world.

But especially today.

My lavender plant has started blooming. A picture in a cafe. The necklace on my dresser. All of these things remind me of her - specifically, to not take my life, my joys, my boys, for granted. To love with my whole heart, while I still can. Don't hold back.

I'm already halfway through the 7th April down here ..... 365 days since she left. I send the day up to her family with utmost tenderness; a soft kiss; a sense of peace.

I just bought a support pack, in her memory. One day, a confused couple will be standing in the NICU wringing their hands .... hopefully the support pack I just donated will offer them some comfort.

Comments off here, but please feel free to visit any of these sites .. let her mum, dad and baby sister know you were thinking of her today.

The Spohrs are Multiplying

Friends of Maddie

The Newborn Identity
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