Thursday, 29 April 2010

Future's Sky High

On Tuesday morning, I had run out of anxiety meds. Knowing for a while I needed a new prescription, but I was too embarrassed to see my doctor. So I did what I always do with most things in my life - leave it until the last minute when I'm all stressed out and in a panting rut. I rang my doctor, he is away on holidays. I rang everywhere .... no appointments for a week. I joked to a receptionist, "Ha ... this is for my anxiety meds and now I'm getting all anxious about not being able to get them hahaha." Except I wasn't joking and she knew I wasn't joking and fobbed me off.

I got off the phone and started pacing around. Dave was home because he put his back out. I went in to him, a little bit wild-eyed.

"HON! I need my anxiety meds and I left it too late for a prescription! Hey, what's wrong?"

The guy was in agony, like seriously couldn't move, couldn't cough. The chiropractor said a nerve in his back is inflamed and swollen and he needed meds too. We both had an interview at the US Consulate in Sydney the next day, to get our visas. He said he could lay in the back of the car while I drove. I pictured us walking in, me all hand-wringing and sweaty, him hobbling like a freak.

I drove up to the chemist to get Dave some anti-inflammatory meds and painkillers. I explained to the chemist guy what was wrong with Dave, and he asked if he has any blood or kidney problems in the past. "No. Ummm, but he's had cancer and now he's in remission." So we talked for a while. Then I blurted out, "Actually, I'm having a bit of an issue - I'm on medication and I need a new prescription and no doctor can see me, ahahha. It's for {ANXIETY WEEDER} hahaha. Because of Dave's cancer, actually, heheh - and I was wondering ..."

Before I'd even finished talking the chemist guy was looking me up in his magic computer and getting me my meds. I was so relieved, saying thank you thank you. I looked at him - suddenly he was pretty cute. He told me not to worry; they should put it in the water supply where I live because everybody's on it. Then he laughed and told me HE should be on it. I said well, if you want, I know this great chemist guy. I said that over my shoulder as I was walking off, smack bang into about four women standing in line right behind me, listening to the whole sordid exchange.

I fanged it home and came into the house. "HON!! CHECK OUT OUR STASH!"

Yesterday, we all got up at the crack of a sparrows fart, so Dave and I could drive down to Sydney to get our visas because it was someones STUPID IDEA to go to New York for BlogHer in August. (I couldn't even get on a plane to go on a honeymoon with Dave, so worried was I about us both dying in a plane crash and leaving Max an orphan. Apparently I'm over that worry, now?) (Yes, we had Max before we got married. He thinks it's pretty cool he was at his own parents wedding.) (Little bastard.) (KIDDING).

Rocco was riding his little bike in the yard, and then he just disappeared. I went out and called him - nothing. I walked all the way around the house - you know when your kid vanishes and your voice gets higher and higher and all strangled? Yeah. I ran around and around. ROCCO! ROCCO! ROCCO! I yelled at Dave to come help me look - he didn't. I ran up the street, stopped a car from driving and said "I can't find my little boy! Can you please keep an eye out!" Max was in a panic.

I turned around and there stood Rocco, smiling. I was so relieved. "Where were you!" He mumbled something, but I'll never know. Dave was all pissed off because my maniacal screams had drawn the neighbours out. Dave is a real tool, sometimes. For the rest of the day I was relieved - Rocco was ok. My GOD it was freaky.

We only had one silly argument in the car, and that was because he kept butting in when I was talking. I slumped my shoulders and called him a buttinski and refused to tell the rest of my story. So we drove in silence for ten minutes whereupon the silent treatment was magically lifted, and I pointed at a billboard saying "I LOVE YOU" and Dave gave me the finger and I knew all was forgiven.

Running late, we ran through Sydney. Up to the 10th floor where we had to check-in to the consulate and leave our bags and phones and walk through a metal detector. Mine kept going off, I took off my shoes, then my belt. Everyone was watching me .... as I pulled out my emergency chin-hair tweezers from my pocket. I thought of Maya, my fellow hairy one. (Maya I'm pretending you are still coming to BlogHer. You ARE. I just googled flights from Israel to NY, it's about a thousand bucks return. You can sleep in my bed with me. So that's that then.)

Then we sat down in front of a huuuuge colour picture of Glacier National Park, Montana. And I thought of Pam, and her wee baby girl and I got all teary eyed, at all the friendships I have made online - all over the world, and how valuable they are to me. Then we went up up up in the lift so high my ears kept popping and it was like Charlie Bucket going up in the lift, through the sky.

We took a ticket, and marvelled at the view of Sydney below. Just beautiful. Then we waited. And waited. And waited. Dave said I should have packed him a snack. I said, oh, sorry ROCCO I have no snack packed.

After two and a half hours, we were experts in who would get visas approved and who wouldn't. There was no confidentiality at all, it was all open and you had to shout into this microphone. We waited so bloody long that we were the last people there, Dave was so delirious he didn't care who heard him talk then anyway. We were honest about our intentions, and we got approved.


We got lunch in a crowded city food place, both felt like country bumpkins. I said to Dave "We don't even need to go to America .... we're spun out just by being in Sydney during lunch hour!"

I took photos of Dave as he walked to the car, spunkiest guy ever. I busted a few blonde chicky babes checking him out.

A delivery guy had to wait while I took this photo in an underground carpark. Dave is wearing his prayer beads from Tibet that someone gave him when he was on chemo:

We talked all the way home, excited and relieved. Dave looked at this block of flats and said, "Geez, someone should do those up. They'd be unreal."

I thought about how he unknowingly did me up, on the inside. He really has made me a better person. I should tell him one day, when he's not being such a buttinski. I just love him so much it hurts .... that he is coming to America with me is so fucking cool, such a bloody triumph.

Just then, I noticed this bumper sticker.

And in that moment, every single thing in the world was all as it should be. (It probably all fell apart again after five minutes but hey, gather ye rosebuds, etc).


  1. I hate it when they hide you can find them and your heart sinks and your mind starts racing.
    I grew up out 80 miles from Glacier, we would drive up during the salmon runs and watch the eagles feast. It was also a stop on one of the bug Harley runs, which is probably the real reason my dad wanted to go.
    Score on the helpful pharm guy and wishes for quick healing for Dave's back.
    Have a great time at BlogHer!

  2. I bet bugs wish they had Harleys...or maybe not, some of them can fly and that's pretty kick I'm conflicted.

  3. I just loved this:

    And in that moment, every single thing in the world was all as it should be. (It probably all fell apart again after five minutes but hey, gather ye rosebuds, etc).


  4. Would you believe I lived in Montana for like 5 years and never went to Glacier? yeah me either. I will say though that I truly HATED Montana. Course that could have had something to do with moving there at 16 almost 17 years old. I also live pretty close to Yosemite and haven't been there yet either. I guess I should do that. Oh how I wish I could figure out how to make it to NY for blogher or just to meet everyone.

  5. sheesh Eden I miss it when you don't write and I get all pissy and check your page and wait and then you floor me with your awesome writing and rawness that just makes me weep with recognition. yikes can you tell I'm having one of those days? so happy you guys are going to NY, great town, you will love seeing it together.
    thanks for writing.

  6. I love this post - I can just feel the love and the panic and the excitement and ARGH! Awesome :)

  7. I love your last line!

    How exciting - you're approved for travel! I'm sure New York will never be the same after you two visit...

  8. Oh Eden, you have no idea how much I needed to read this post.

    I am soooo dying to pop over to NYC to meet you. I am supposed to be somewhere else, but I will do my damndest (yes, I do think that is a word) to be there.

  9. I've lived in NY my entire life and of course you guys are coming 3 months after I move? This is just fucking cruel I say. CRUEL.
    B is dying to fly out to Australia- it's a dream of his.. so you better believe we will be there one day soon (ok, not so soon.. maybe in a few yrs). I still cannot believe I will not be here. so freaking sad.
    Oh, and you my friend, have nothing on my body hair. Poor Soleil, she takes after her mom.

  10. NYC BABY!!!!

    but, if Maya is in bed with you, who is gonna spoon me?

  11. Yay! Congrats! So looking forward to meeting you both. I will have my husband around too starting on Saturday. Seriously, a good time will be had by all!

    Very scary about Rocco. I was so glad to hear he was okay!

  12. Well that was just the sweetest little post. I'm throwing up a little, actually. : )

    Rocco disappearing? That scares the SHIT out of me. I know it's going to happen. It's inevitable, right? I'm going to turn around and Owen won't be there and I'm going to flip the fuck out. I'm dreading glad you're little lovebug is safe.

    Fuck're coming! You're coming! How long are you staying? Do you need a tourguide? A car? A place to crash? Our 'hood is all yours. I'm not sure they'll know what to make of a tall red-head up in here, but I'm ready to find out.

    Seriously. We're hanging out the whole time. I'm sleeping with you guys.


  13. I just pissed myself. You are coming to BlogHer? I AM PEEING WITH GLEE HERE.

  14. I just love you. The first time I read this I was la-de-dah reading and then...what? My name? Oh sweet girl. I love you, but you know that -- and you have inspired in me the most rabid fascination (one might say obsession) with Australia.

    I have to visit -- but here's the thing -- I know I would want to stay for long periods of time and that would be tricky with the family and all *sigh*.

    I'm behind on your posts but eating them up, every one...there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you and wish I could come to BlogHer this year..damn it...

    If I can make it to the coast somehow, I will...

    You and Dave are a handsome couple -- *insert growling noise that G makes here*

    As a total random aside did I tell you how much I laughed at one of your comments about Dave saying "I got yer...whatever..." say you're wondering where the salami is (but that's way too obvious) and he pipes up "I got your salami" -- I laughed so hard and read it out loud to G because it's his constant line and he was like "dude, that's ALL guys" -- but secretly I don't think that's true...

    I'm a little slap happy from being released from nonstop baby duty so forgive my long post..


    Love you,


  15. I LOVE how you tell a story. Makes my blog seem so pale and boring. You really get in there and I feel like I know you so well after reading about a day in the life!

    New York will be awesome!


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