Wednesday, 10 March 2010

We admitted we were powerless over Cadbury Creme Eggs: that the gooey centres had become unmanageable.

Gluttony is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires. It can be caused by "improper weaning as an infant." The punishment for gluttony? Being sent to hell, where you will be force-fed rats, toads, and snakes.

All I can say in my defence is ..... the lead-up to Easter can be a VERY hard time for a chocoholic.

And when I say gooey centres, I don't mean this delectable, beautiful gooey centre -

I mean *this* gooey centre -

(I've been off the eggs for four days now .... went cold turkey, straight after I took this photo. Such a coincidence!)


  1. I cannot resist the Cadbury Creme eggs...but I've only had one so far this year. I love them so.

  2. Haha!! I resemble that gooey center...

    I guess I'm lucky that I think Cadbury Creme eggs are absolutely disgusting. Ick. Looks like eating a raw egg for gosh sakes! Gives me stomach cramps just writing it. BLeah!!

  3. Bitch- no stretch marks! How dare you!

    BTW- you totally CANNOT consider that chocolate! That's garbage chocolate. I htought i sent you some goood chocolate!

  4. I made the mistake of buying Easter Chocolates the other day. Now my house is littered with pastel pieces of foil.
    I hate holiday candy.

  5. My downfall is Peeps........I will eat a ton of them. But, here in the states, we are gearing up for swim weather!! So, heaven help me NOT to eat the Easter Candy.

    PS - that photo was brave!! You got more balls that Davy Gravy is you ask me!!

  6. Are you in a leopard print Snuggie? Beauty!

    Thanks for allowing me and my gestational diabetes to live vicariously through you. Cadbury eggs, mmmmm

  7. I wish that's all I could pinch..pfft.

    I'm not a huge fan but I love the commercials.

    As a joke one year I pretended to lay chocolate eggs for my son. Only my son, at 2 1/2, thought it was real and proceeded to tell everyone that his mom was magic because she pooped chocolate eggs out of her butt. Yeah, that got some looks and some "Kid, everyone poops chocolate eggs out of their butt." I wonder how many people wanted to suggest I add more fiber to my diet...

  8. Those things are evil! I can't resist them at every store I go to!

  9. Oh E,

    You had me craving them, looking forward to them ... and then you had to go and remind me. My gooey center is more unmanageable than yours. At least you enjoy exercise.

    Oh the humanity.

    Quick, someone distract me.


  10. Mmmm, Easter candy. I love those robin's eggs - with the malted milk center :).

  11. I've had two eggs today. They're just too good...

    But my gooey centre doesn't like me very much.

  12. Eden, you made me scare the dog. When I got to that last picture, I hooted so loud he jumped :)

    I will from now on, call my flab, Cadbury.

    I wait till the day after Easter to buy all my candy. 50% off tastes better :)

  13. love, love, love cadbury chocolate eggs. so do my kids. must be a genetic predisposition :)

  14. OMG, you are one of a kind.. LOL. Maybe if I take a pic of my gooey belly I stop eating the Cadbury Creme eggs

  15. Holy cow I love your robe! If you want an incentive to lay off the chocolate just do what I've successfully done for the past couple of years: avoid the dentist until your cavities are so bad that eating anything with more sugar in it than an apple makes you howl in pain :D

  16. I love Cadbury Creme eggs. I used to think the commercial was a bit corny, with the clucking bunny rabbit but the eggs? Are so yummy.


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