Friday, 19 March 2010

Ten Apples Up On Top

Dave wanted to take his Valiant out for a drive.

It had been so long, he had forgotten how to get into the car properly. Silly Dave!

On the way to the airplane (aeroplane?) park, I announced I needed something juicy and sweet. I was thinking more about a chocolate bar, but Dave suggested the apple orchard. So we went.

Max, about to demonstrate a chin-up on the door frame. This guy is the strongest, fittest, fastest boy in town.

Rocco led the way. "APPOOW."

The shed is ramshackled, musty, and wonderful. Apple juice, apple jelly, apple honey ... and apples.

He has worked here since he was a kid. The photos in frames behind him are of him, as a young boy. He does this trick of holding an apple in one hand, and snapping it neatly in half. I asked his name, "Graham. What's yours?" I told him. "Eden? Ahhhh, like the garden." (I nodded and pretended that was the first time I had ever heard it.)

Dave, balancing his brick of a wallet on the apples. APPOOWS. I have bought him a new wallet, he just needs to go through his old one. I tell him that having a new wallet will create new energy and bring new life to his financial affairs. He ignores me.

About to try the first apple. It's like we were IN the Garden of Eden.

Dave had to start Roccos appoow for him. Max was unconsciously copying him as he bit down.

Better than any chocolate bar. We all quickly ate two each. Except Rocco. He threw his to the floor, so Max gave him his. Rocco cried louder and threw that too. Dave started a new apple for him .... nope. Louder crying. I offered him mine and he just smacked it out of my hands. I realised for the eight billionth time ... we were letting him be a dictator again. So I looked him in the eye and told him to stop this nonsense. To eat his apple or be quiet. That we were going to have fun at the park.

(It didn't work. He just yowled all the way there.)

Lucky the guys had eaten all those apples, they needed energy for the biggest game of tip in all the land.

It wasn't just about the apples.

It wasn't just about taking the kids to the park.

Every day is miraculous. A gift. A second chance. Dave running around the park with Max, no cancer to be seen. Rocco falling over at the park and getting his apple covered in dirt .... this amazing IVF baby. Max himself, growing and learning and asking questions, not being afraid.

And me, once lost but now found, eternally shocked at the beauty of it all.


  1. And best of all, matching jumpsuits for Dave and Rocco, right? This was a lovely post, the kind of afternoon you remember in 20 years.

  2. I love the car!

    Apples instead of chocolate? Really? Well, the experience of getting the apples and eating them and visiting with Graham and a trip to the park was better than chocolate.


  3. I LOVE this post! It's so beautifully written. What a lovely afternoon and such an incredibly lovely family.

  4. I love that car!

    Fantastic post! I have such a hard time living in the moment and realizing the gift it is.

    Does he keep that wallet in his pocket? He must have a great chiropractor.

  5. "I realised for the eight billionth time ... we were letting him be a dictator again."

    This was (and still is) my life with my youngest - now 16. When will I learn??? Why do those 3rd children do this to us?

  6. Mate. Maaaaaaaaate! I'm sorry I'm so quiet lately. I keep reading your posts and then marking them unread, trying to save them up for when I have time enough to gather my thoughts well enough to come up with anything remotely worthy of your beautiful words.

    And then it just never happens.

    But this one, this post - fuck, it is perfect! And you are so right. Miraculous gifts, every single day.

    Thanks for the reminder.


  7. goodness. I love the photo of the wee man in his big hat. Great stuff.

  8. So, yes, Garden of Eden after all?


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