Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Mr Pink

He just keeps wanting to put all of my hair clips and headbands in. It's so cute .... even Dave thinks so. That was until I arrived home today with Rocco trailing behind me, after a big day of daycare. He proudly stomped around with the pinkest pair of boots you've ever know.

Dave flipped. WHAT. THE. FUCK. HON????!!

Rocco had stolen them from a girl at daycare. She had already left by the time I got there, and he refused to take them off so I'll be returning them first thing tomorrow.

It's puzzling ... what did he do, stand over the poor girl? Give me your pink boots, NOW. What shoes did she go home in?

If he turns out to be gay, he will be the toughest gay man in the world. He'll be the Mr T of gay men. I pity the fool who teases him about his hot pink boots.
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