Thursday, 11 March 2010

House de Penii

Lots of things in this house mysteriously get "lost." Especially MY stuff, eg my iPod, phone charger, chocolate. This is why I must be cunning.

I bought some socks today .... ladies king size.

But my socks always go "missing" .... end up being found on other peoples feet *COUGH DAVE AND TIM COUGH*

Tim wears everybody's socks ... even Max's. One day he had Rocco's socks on. Tim is seventeen and Rocco is one. Rocco will be seventeen before he can fit into that now-stretched pair.

So .... anytime I want to actually keep something of mine, I must buy it in a hot pink colour. For example, headphones, lunchboxes .... SOCKS.

I bought these babies home today, gleefully showing Tim.

"Look! Mine, all mine. They have assorted colours in the heel. HAH."

Walking past, Tim took one look at them, and without breaking a stride says, "I can wear the blue, purple, red .... oh look there's another blue. You can have the pink."


Tomorrow I'm going to get the frilliest flounciest socks in all the land.
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