Monday, 8 March 2010

Gold, Gold I Tell You!

I'm in trakkie daks, hair in a messy bun, kids fed, homework monitored, one in bed, one to go, dishwasher packed, unpacked, and restacked. Washing folded, garbage taken out, grocery shopping done.

And I am on a complete media blackout ...... IT'S OSCAR NIGHT.

I can count on one hand the amount of truly happy memories I had growing up in my family of origin. One of the few was lounging around the copper coffee table in the 80's, watching the Oscars. Dreaming at the dresses, but mostly, listening to the speeches. I'm still fascinated by them. Some are terrible, some are so astounding and uplifting.

If we are created in our creators image, then we must be creative. All of us. To make something ... a song, a book, a ditty. A dance. A nonsensical lullabye, a whispered dream, an original recipe.

A cultivated patch of earth, fine wine, knitted scarf, award-winning screenplay. All of these, and so much more.

I remember that year when Whoopie Golberg hosted (too scared to google, it could break my media ban) .... and right at the end, she looked in to the camera and said something to the kid watching, like "You can achieve anything. Yes, even you."

Remember that?

Imagine if we actually could achieve what we wanted to do. What a concept.

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