Thursday, 25 March 2010

Fringe Dweller

Max just took this photo for me ... I have been at work all day so it's gone a bit frazzled since the initial sleekness.

I have one word ....... FRINGE. (Or if you are in the U.S. .... BANGS)

I feel so much lighter. Dare I say younger? Yes. I declare fringes to be the new botox.

Max asks me on a regular basis about what things were like when I was a kid. "Did they have this in "your day" mum? What about lollies? Did you have television? Were there cars in your day? Or horses??"

So I was feeling all confident, like I was the shit. (That's an odd saying, really. "The shit." Maybe I should be saying "da shit." I'm not sure ... they didn't have that saying in my day.)

As soon as I walked in the door, Tim took one look at me and shouted.



  1. Tim needs to be punched! Cougar, indeed...well, actually that may be a sort of backhanded compliment. As you are now hot and sexy enough to reel in the younger men! (Not that you weren't before)

    I like the new hair - I think it makes you look younger too!

  2. *whistles* That is one sexy do'!The thing with me and haircuts is I always, always, always regret them afterwards. I am all confident and smiley until I look in the mirror and realize it isn't at all what I wanted. Eventually I get used to it and a year passes and I get the guts to, once again, have it all chopped off. It's about to my boobs now, so I think we're almost to that stage!

    Now all you need is a night on the town so you can reel in some eye candy and crush their hearts when you show them your wedding ring! =)

  3. I am going to start calling mine fringe. Sounds way more mysterious!

    When you are my age, they are wonderful for hiding a receding hairline (thanks mom)and an odd sized forehead.

  4. LOL! I'd smack him then laugh. I'm sure it was a compliment, though you're a little young to qualify.

    The new do is fabulous dawlink!

  5. I remember bangs... :)

    I think it looks nice!

  6. cool cut!! aren't you too young for the cougar comment? oh well, still zexy tho...

  7. Oooo, it looks GREAT! Woo woo! I just finished growing out my bangs actually - and now of course I have fringe jealousy and want them back. HAHA!

  8. LOVE IT!!

    Now I want to go all fringe-y, too.

    But my stylist wouldn't know what that means.

  9. Cougar my ass! You're looking well hot.

  10. LOL!
    It looks great! I go back and forth with bangs. But yours look great.

  11. *insert wolf whistle here* -- what's the term? You're a spunk? (Is that right? that doesn't sound right...)

    You know what Demi Moore said?

    She prefers 'Puma' to cougar --

    and anyway you look at it -- it means you're hot in boy-ese!

    And you are -- I love the fringe!

    Oh, I want to be a puma too! Maybe next year!



  12. Love it!!!!!!!!!!! looking good my friend

  13. LOVE the "fringe"! It looks fantastic on you :).
    Oh, Tim just cracks me up!

  14. You look gorgeous! And I am so jealous - I look absolutely absurd with long hair and bangs.

  15. I love it! You look awesome! LOL to Tim, that was hilarios.

    I always say "The shizz." That sounds better to me than "the shit." something about the buzz of the zzs rather than the hard hit of the t. They didn't ahve that expression in my day either. :)


  16. you are hawt! great hair cut. dwelling in the fringe rulz.

    ps: just came here for the first time. and i love love love your masthead. funny stuff, too!

  17. OOOO Flicka's right. The term IS "the shizz." Or "the shizzle."

    And you? Are the shizzle.


  18. Nice work on the haircut. Makes me wish mine was straight enough to do that to :)


  19. What a hilarious post. FINALLY I know what bangs are now!

  20. i really, really like your bangs! enjoy my mum used to say.."a change is as good as a holiday :)" (is that an aussie saying? i haven't heard it in america i don't think...)


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