Sunday, 21 March 2010

Eyes Eyes Baby




EDITED TO ADD: Why are Roccos pupils so big? They are freaking me OUT. Does he pop acid when I'm not looking? Bueller?
PS I need to add Tims eyes .... as soon as I can take a photo of him when he's NOT kissing his guns.


  1. I had (and still have) really large pupils, so go easy on Rocco! When we were teenagers, my brother tried to convince my parents I was on drugs and to just look at my pupils. Not fair! Don't worry about it Rocco!

    Great photos:)

  2. Very cool photos. I loved your eyes and then I got to Rocco's and I'm sorry, Eden, he blew yours out the water. He has incredible eyes. The pupils? Mmm, no idea on that one, I don't think I would have noticed it if you hadn't said anything. Maybe it's the IVF drugs?

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  4. I love these -- of course I wondered if you also had close up shots of everyone's nostril hairs -- which is one of the first things we did years ago with our first digital camera and W -- he must've been about four -- it still makes us laugh.

    The kissing his guns part made me laugh too -- thinking that when W's his age Z will be nearly eight, just as Max is now... :) and no doubt there will be lots of kissing of the guns -- there already IS -- and he's only ten...



  5. I love that the shape of Rocco's eyes are similar to yours and that max's are similar to Dave's!

    Got to love those baby blues, though. Awesome! I am jealous! :-)

  6. I immediately started singing, "everybody must get stoned!"

  7. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post a photo of that wanker stepson of yours kissing his guns!


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