Sunday, 7 March 2010

Didn't I My Dear

I love this song so bad. We played it .... loud, in the car last night. Blasted it at midnight, driving through the streets after watching Shutter Island at the movies (FANTASTIC FILM).

We went to McDonalds and bought hot chocolates and apple pies and sat in the car park and laughed at our gluttony but promised ourselves we wouldn't feel bad. There was so many more black things we could be doing in that moment. When the song gets to three minutes and seventeen seconds, I sang the harmony SO LOUD that Dave blocked his ears and laughed like a maniac.

Geez I do a good harmony. He knows it, but always calls me a wanker anyway.

"Do you think you'll ever get cancer again hon."

"Dunno mate. I really hope not."

And we held hands, the only sound then was our tongues trying to get all the apple pie pastry out of our teeth.


  1. I really hope not too Dave. Eden needs her muse :)

  2. With all these perfect moments you've been posting, you'd better do Perfect Moment Monday this week.

    Or else, Eeedz.


  3. love them too- yesterday I wrote about my lerv for them- they come to Columbus and I am taking my hubs to the concert! yay!

  4. What a fantastic evening. He bloody better not get cancer again or I will have to come over and sort him out. xx

  5. I love how you truly live life's moments. How inpsiring (as I poke my head out of newborn baby jail!)

  6. That was a wonderful moment. I could feel and see it. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. I love that song too and I hope not either.

  8. Half way through the song my husband asked if I had bought it yet, looks like I get to go to iTunes. Yay!

    He won't bring me to Shutter Island though, I already get the creeps too easy.

    I hope not too.

  9. That is definitely a song that merits blasting as you're driving through the streets after midnight. I miss those kinds of nights - now I'm practically dead asleep by 11.

    I really hope that Dave never gets cancer again...

  10. Oh my gosh, I love this song! I just heard it for the first time yesterday. I love the banjos...
    I'm glad you could sit in a parking lot with your husband and enjoy the simple things in life like apple pie and good music :).


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