Sunday, 7 March 2010

Didn't I My Dear

I love this song so bad. We played it .... loud, in the car last night. Blasted it at midnight, driving through the streets after watching Shutter Island at the movies (FANTASTIC FILM).

We went to McDonalds and bought hot chocolates and apple pies and sat in the car park and laughed at our gluttony but promised ourselves we wouldn't feel bad. There was so many more black things we could be doing in that moment. When the song gets to three minutes and seventeen seconds, I sang the harmony SO LOUD that Dave blocked his ears and laughed like a maniac.

Geez I do a good harmony. He knows it, but always calls me a wanker anyway.

"Do you think you'll ever get cancer again hon."

"Dunno mate. I really hope not."

And we held hands, the only sound then was our tongues trying to get all the apple pie pastry out of our teeth.
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