Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I have been with the same man for ten years. He makes me laugh, cry. He makes me feel strong. He makes me feel weak. Our forces merged together and we have moved mountains. I don't know if we are soulmates .... our arguments have been too loud. Not sure how we have survived so long.

Our first photo together WARNING: DORK ALERT!!!!

Hey Dave remember that time you got cancer and survived? Remember we made sexy love time in that disgusting dunny at Balmoral? Remember how when we first got together I was so scared to give you my all so I lay down next to you and gave you my pinky? And I told you that was all I could give you right now?

Now I give you my all, mate. Everything I got. Thank you for keeping the first $20 I made from writing, as if it were something special. You tell me you're going to make a wooden frame for it and I believe you. Just like that time we went to the aquatic centre when it opened and we sat in the sauna together and you announced that you were going to build a sauna in our house.

And you built our house. And our sauna.

I think I steal pockets of your drive and ambition ... God knows I need it. We are so different.

It amazes yet infuriates me, that you do everything you say you will. How do you do that?

Stay well, mate. We are a force to be reckoned with. You teach me shit, like, how to love someone when you hate them; how to forgive after someone lets you down.

I have absolutely no clue what I teach you. Maybe, to look at the world differently. To embrace the absurd, the eccentric, the fucked-up.

I can kick your arse in a game of Trivial Pursuit, but if we were ever lost in the wilderness you could totally keep us alive.

I almost lost you, man. There's so much more than my pinky at stake now. Stay well, mate.

I love you for real.

Your loving wife, Eddie XOX
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