Saturday, 6 March 2010

Best Ten Seconds EVER

It's 9.37am on a Saturday morning. About ten minutes ago, Dave put on his favourite CD in the world, Gypsy Kings. He starts dancing, a long-forgotten look in his eyes .... contentment. Says, let's chuck our swimmers in the ute hon, remember when we used to be spontaneous? So we are going to the beach. (The clock is ticking on the nice weather down here. A cool change is expected tomorrow - I am now an avid weather watcher in my old age. My hip is achy.)

Rocco ran up and starts dancing with Dave. Max sat with me on the couch, snuggling. Dave and Rocco danced in perfect unison for about ten seconds, both delighting in each other. It was one of the best moments in my life.

(And then Dave wanted to drive by himself to his favourite cafe to admire the soccer Grand Final trophy he helped win last night. And I was cleaning up the kitchen and taking the garbage out and I have stinky armpits and I say, can't you just take them with you for ten minutes while I pack? And he pulls a face and walks out and I'm all ready to say NO BEACH FOR YOU but he comes back in after putting the carseat in the ute and begrudgingly takes both the boys so I can finish CLEANING THE HOUSE fricks sake. Dave's all chuffed with himself and I think, why can't you just automatically think about what would help me out you penis head. BUT, those ten seconds were worth all the crap. I think.)


I didn't post yesterday. I was about to, but Dave got home late after winning soccer so we didn't put the DVD on til late (Couples Retreat). Five minutes in he's snoring like an idiot. I don't think we've watched a DVD together for about five years. But then I fell asleep and didn't finish watching it either, didn't brush my teeth, and didn't post. So I will post twice today instead.

My friend in Canada, Bleu, pointed out how odd it was that I was feeding a bird bird in my last post. I'm horrified. I created a cannibal kookaburra!!

PS When I was a kid I thought you pronounced it "Canadia." Which is very strange, as I was the spelling Queen of the world from a young age.

PPS Now I'm just wasting time., Dave is going to drive in the driveway any second and I will quickly snap my laptop shut and jump in the shower and he'll wonder what took me so long. Revenge is sweet, oh soccer star.
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