Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Soda Pop Girl 4 Batman 4 Ever

We had a huge weekend. Three days of fun - a talent quest on the Friday night, fancy dress on the Saturday, beach games, lucky prizes.

I won the talent quest. I sang a song I wrote when I was twenty, about the loss of innocence and wanting to be a child again. Before I sang, I said: "Here is a song I wrote when I was twenty, yet thought my life was over. I was about to embark on a kickarse alcoholic drinking career. But I'm fine now. Which is why I'm standing up here before you singing about how bad it was."


Nobody laughed. I was poking fun of myself but nobody laughed. I was mortified ... until I looked at my sisters who were pulling "the face" that only we know, and man I laughed. Thank heavens for inappropriate sisters.

Dave accompanied me on the drums, we had a quick five minute rehearsal beforehand, then totally fucking fluked it onstage. It was awesome. I was Susan Boyle.

How strange to look at that photo, it's not how I felt at all. Photos lie - I felt old, haggard, flabby arms, my boobs felt strange in that top. I don't think we ever look half as bad as we feel.

The next night was 50's dress-up. Dave and Tim went as 50's Batman and Robin -

Max was the coolest T-Bird in all the land -

And Rocco cracked open his tuxedo to celebrate. (Thank you Auntie Gemini Girl) -

Here Dave is keeping his eye out for villains. I kept telling everyone that he has the BEST jaw for a superhero -

I'd forgotten how important it is for adults to have fun, and play. After Tim watched me in the breakdance competition (in the above outfit. My blue undies are burnt into many retinas, whoopsies) .... Tim thoughtfully commented that most people need alcohol to be stupid.

He says, "Eden, you are just stupid!"

Best compliment ever.


  1. That's pretty sweet! How often do you get to flash people anymore? I'm sure everyone was happy that you were (at least) wearing undies!

    Unfortunately for me, photos tell the truth. I still feel like I'm 20, but that's not how I look any more. Sigh.

  2. Damn girl, good for you guys. Those pictures rock. It occurs to me we are sort of fun anemic here at the moment.

    I want pictures of "the face."


    D. was here.

  3. What an awesome weekend!!! one day, one day my love- I will fly out there and you will have no idea what hit you!
    Barak says that Australia is on his list of dream destinations. He's lucky I have a friend there!

    Love that shirt on rocco!

  4. Looks like you had a blast! Max is a cutie in that T-Bird costume. Reminds me of one of the Greasers from the Outsiders...and I always thought they were hot. =)

    BTW...I have those exact same shoes. VS?

  5. How fun! I wish I could play. He does have a great super hero jaw and the other boys look great too.

    I look and feel old. You're stunning Soda Pop Girl!

  6. Thanks for making me laugh this morning. I needed that.
    Sounds like a fun weekend.

  7. Looks like you had a blast.


  8. That outfit makes me want to work at a diner. I love the last photo.

  9. That's awesome Eden. You rock my world. ~wink~

    Let's hang out someday. I know we'd get in a lot of trouble together. Don't you think? (and you've never answered me if you got my xmas present or not!)

  10. I always love your posts to so much yet I'm never able to come up with a comment to do them justice.

    So I'm just gonna say... I really liked this post (and every post you write)

  11. That is awesome! I am so glad you had fun! fun! fun!

  12. There are so many awesome things in that post. Awesome that you sang. And Rocco looks awesome! I laughed.

  13. Normals never get our dark humour when it comes to alcohol. They get all prim and tight-lipped when I make jokes about the humiliation of active alcoholism as well. That's why the rooms are so good.

    I haven't gotten to the point where I can be that kind of fun stupid on demand. I have moments, but it's still hard work!

  14. Fun. Play. Hmm. Wish I knew how to really do that. You are my guru of fun, Eden. Think I need to come visit so you can give me lessons.

    I super puffy heart all your costumes. And you are SO right about the jaw.

  15. I so want to go to a costume party now.

  16. Before I read the caption to the photo describing how you felt old, I had stopped and studied that picture and noticed how much fun you guys looked like you were having - Dave is looking at you so sweet, and you're obviously having a blast. And you look great in that top :).

  17. WOOHOOO! That looked SO fun! Congrats on winning! Hee hee! You look HOT - you should take pictures of yourself more often for a reality check. Smokin'!

    I love how Rocco is wearing the same tux shirt that we have over here...parallel lives, sister!

  18. I promise you that I can look every bit as ratty as I feel. SOmetimes MORE so :)


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  21. You looked hot and sexy! Glad you had so much fun! Love the pictures!

  22. Fancy dress parties are the best. And you're right - he DOES have a super hero chin!


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