Friday, 26 February 2010

I See Dead People

I have huuuuuge expectations about tonight. For the first time in my life, I am seeing a medium. I am SO EXCITED about it, and really feel like it will be amazing. If not, at least it's being held in a club so I can go play the pokies afterwards with my husband and laugh about how stupid it was.

But I secretly don't think it will be stupid. I secretly have so much riding on it. For the past week I have seen feathers everywhere I go. Which to me means that my guardian angels are near. Maybe my grandmother ... I feel her so closely.

I have two tickets for tonight, I really wanted to take my brother but he can't come so Dave is coming. He rolled his eyes, says, "Ohhh, she's SO gunna pick me, hon." I said "Mate, it depends who comes through. And I have more dead people than you anyway. My dead people need to take a ticket and form an orderly queue."

Daves all, ohhh, I ALWAYS get picked for these things. I told him she's not a God-damn busker. She's a psychic.


So this was my status update on facebook today:

"Going to see Australia's top psychic and medium, Deb Webber. TONIGHT! (Cue scary music) ... really hope my dead dads come through - so I can ignore the arseholes."

Then, in quick succession, I left three comments. On my own facebook page:

Eden Riley Just kidding. I won't ignore them. Just say, thanks for the suicides, guys!
41 minutes ago ·

Eden Riley Ok who makes jokes about suicide on facebook? There's something wrong with me. Maybe I need to see someone .... LIKE A PSYCHIC.
40 minutes ago ·

Eden Riley Seriously getting off FB now. If I'm not back tomorrow, my dead dads killed me for poking fun at their deadness.
40 minutes ago ·


Today, I am manic. Or a maniac. One of the two. Feet fail me not.


  1. This is so exciting. I have an Aunty that sees a psychic every year or so and she's totally not the type you'd think would do that. I've thought about it but I'm not sure I want to hear what could be said, you know?

    I hope you have a good time. I can't wait to hear about it.

  2. I can't wait to hear the blow by blow! My own psychic adventures this year were a little disappointing, but made for a good story.

  3. Oh Eddie, I hope you have a blast.

    I went to a gallery reading last year. My friend, who was a 'rescue' medium (a medium that specializes in earthbound spirits and ... my friend had a particular specialty with nasty, non-human entities) passed away unexpectedly the year before and I missed him terribly (still do). I went with two other friends who knew him and we had a lot of high hopes and expectations (I mean, hey, if a dead medium can't communicate with another medium, WTF?).

    We actually ended up having a reading before the gallery reading with an unknown psychic. Then the gallery reading was with a pair of well known (U.S.) mediums (Chip Coffey and Tiffany Johnson ... they appear on shows here like Paranormal State & Psychic Kids). The gallery reading was really small ... small enough that pretty much everyone who wanted a turn got one. Which was nice.

    If my friend came through to the first psychic, he ran circles around her. Flustered her so badly that she actually offered us our money back. He made her laugh ~a lot~ and called her "slow." !! Which is totally like him ... he had a wicked sense of humor and he was deadly suspicious of mediums that worked for money (he never took $$) and he was deadly opinionated/persnickety (he was English) about the "right" way to do things. The confirmations she had for us weren't that great, though. Very garbled. We were generally not impressed. It was sort of hard to tell what did or didn't happen. But the fact that he insulted her ... rang sort of deliciously true and was very amusing. Is that enough "proof"? Meh. Of course we'd like to think so, but ... Meh.

    At the gallery reading, they had people raise their hands with someone specifically in mind that they wanted to talk to. I'd been raising mine and one of the go rounds, it was myself and two others raising their hand (a lot of the crowd had already had a turn). To narrow it down, Tiffany said ... much to my surprise ... who's the Leo? I thought for a second and I was like ... Oh, that's me (duh).

    Tiffany made some comments about Andy having a great laugh (he did have a wonderful sense of humor -- that was one of his biggest features ... he loved nothing more than a good laugh). They talked about him having a stroke. Though his cause of death was ultimately determined that Andy had a thickened heart valve. He may have had something like a stroke a few years earlier (interesting, creepy story in itself, actually) -- I met him while he was recuperating. Then she said a few things we couldn't confirm. And Chip was strangely cold. He'd been so friendly to other people they read for, but he was dead as a doornail with me. He almost looked pissed off, like there was something he refused to say out loud. What was up with that? He just announced that Andy was deadly quiet and wouldn't talk to him. Hmmm.

    Celebrity mediums were a non-starter with Andy. He didn't think much of them and would never discuss them, even when asked directly (we co-moderated a paranormal message board for a couple of years and the topic came up often). So I don't know. You tell me. Did he come through? Did they fluff it? Was I a sucker? Was Andy put off by the mediums? He was the kind who would have told me not to look to intermediaries/charlitans and so I could see him blowing them off as a message in itself. Bit of a head-**** though. It's easy to be skeptical.

    Can't wait to hear your story. Did you know that some mediums ... like James VanPraagh ... specialize in spirits that have 'crossed over.' And others, like MaryAnn Winkowski (the medium that Ghost Whisperer is based on) work exclusively with earthbound spirits. People who commit suicide and people who meet sudden and tragic ends are sort of at higher risk for remaining earthbound. Just food for thought.

  4. I'm sure all of your FB friends are aware of and thought nothing of it! I hope you got what you wanted out of the experience.

  5. ghostfest is coming up in Edinburgh and I'm going to take my beloved out for a night of paranormal. Excellent. Hope you had a good time. Don't forget to tell us what happened!

  6. I hope it went well. Can't wait to hear about it.

  7. Yeah, I can't wait to hear about it. I love that kind of stuff.

  8. Is it tomorrow yet over there? Does that make sense? I just want to hear about what happened!

  9. I'm excited for you! I am dying to hear how it went!

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  11. me a favor and if you see my Nana, tell her I miss her.
    If you see my ex mother inlaw...tell her "I WIN!"

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