Friday, 26 February 2010

I See Dead People

I have huuuuuge expectations about tonight. For the first time in my life, I am seeing a medium. I am SO EXCITED about it, and really feel like it will be amazing. If not, at least it's being held in a club so I can go play the pokies afterwards with my husband and laugh about how stupid it was.

But I secretly don't think it will be stupid. I secretly have so much riding on it. For the past week I have seen feathers everywhere I go. Which to me means that my guardian angels are near. Maybe my grandmother ... I feel her so closely.

I have two tickets for tonight, I really wanted to take my brother but he can't come so Dave is coming. He rolled his eyes, says, "Ohhh, she's SO gunna pick me, hon." I said "Mate, it depends who comes through. And I have more dead people than you anyway. My dead people need to take a ticket and form an orderly queue."

Daves all, ohhh, I ALWAYS get picked for these things. I told him she's not a God-damn busker. She's a psychic.


So this was my status update on facebook today:

"Going to see Australia's top psychic and medium, Deb Webber. TONIGHT! (Cue scary music) ... really hope my dead dads come through - so I can ignore the arseholes."

Then, in quick succession, I left three comments. On my own facebook page:

Eden Riley Just kidding. I won't ignore them. Just say, thanks for the suicides, guys!
41 minutes ago ·

Eden Riley Ok who makes jokes about suicide on facebook? There's something wrong with me. Maybe I need to see someone .... LIKE A PSYCHIC.
40 minutes ago ·

Eden Riley Seriously getting off FB now. If I'm not back tomorrow, my dead dads killed me for poking fun at their deadness.
40 minutes ago ·


Today, I am manic. Or a maniac. One of the two. Feet fail me not.
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