Sunday, 7 February 2010

Have you ever been hated or discriminated against?

I had so much to say that it all imploded and I sank inside myself.

Now I can't think of anything to say.




This has never, ever happened before. I'm going to have to post a video instead. I think you're welcome. (Or embarrassed on my behalf.)

Disclaimer: I do this shit all the time. It's like, my job around here. All of these boys annoy me so much I have to get them back. These are the real lyrics, but I was rudely howled down after the first verse.


  1. I changed my mind. I don't want to be your roomie anymore. Kthxbye


  2. I LOVE TO TORTURE MY BOYS! It is what I do for fun.

    To see them shaking their heads, covering their ears, and groaning in disgust....well, it's like music to me.

    Has Tim ever had those eyes checked? ;) It's amazing how many directions he can look at once!

  3. That's some hardcore rapping there. Not embarrassing at all.

    cough, cough

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  5. Pretty funny. Do what you can to keep embarrassing them - then they'll do the same to their kids ;)

  6. You know what ? You are a pretty bloody good rapper!

  7. Wicked!!! Dude, you totally missed your calling as a rapper. And I love how much it tortured Tim to hear you rap. Imagine if you went worldwide...which, I guess, you just did.

    MWAH! You are my favorite!


    Hey, are you ever going to read my blog again? Feel free to say No. It's full of drivel and you will not hurt my feelings! Just want to make sure you know I still want you.

  8. Love you so much! please dont hate me.... I will probably not be in new york by the time blogher rolls around. I am so freaking sad.

  9. You're fucking awesome. And don't believe any of what those boys say - they love it. And years from now they are going to look back and laugh and laugh. They will know what a kickass fun loving mom you are.

  10. Damn, Girl. That was good. All of it. The rappin and the embarrassin ... you gave skilz. But we knew that.


  11. That video made my day. I love that song.

  12. I sympathize with Tim, but I plan to do the EXACT same thing to my daughter! She's already telling me to stop singing whenever I sing along with the radio!

  13. You posted this on my birthday and it was seriously the best gift ever!!!


  14. "go into the light Carol Ann"



Write to be understood, speak to be heard. - Lawrence Powell

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