Saturday, 2 January 2010

Vlog: Finding God in a swamp in the Bronx on the Central Coast.

Disclaimer: I had my foot on the stroller the whole time, I swear. Those cars sound DANGEROUSLY close I know. Also, I sound like the Turkish woman at my local kebab shop with the shrill tone in my voice. "Meat or bean or half-and-half."

Happy New Year. It's all shiny and new with no stains yet! Woot!


  1. Happy 2010 Eden!

    Thank you for the vlog. The timing is perfect.

    I have never seen that flower before. Ever. I plan to research and see if they would grow here...doubtful, but I will check anyway.

    BTW...I refer to God as She also :) Drives my husband crazy. I tell him until he can prove otherwise, She will remain a She. After all, could a man really accomplish ALL OF THIS? HA!

  2. Are you alLOWED to have vodka on your toes?

    Glad you're enjoying the House of Farts and amazing the residents with your giNORmous intellect.

    So funny!

  3. The flower is very cool. I'm glad you're finding some entertainment on your trip.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Wow - that is an amazing flower! I am pretty sure all the Who's live on it, and you are totally Horton! Happy Happy New Year to you!!


    "It's all shiny and new with no stains yet!"

    Sigh. I know. :) Ain't that the truth.

    Happy, Happy to us all.


    D. was here.

    PS We already knew you were brilliant. :) My first thought was ... Be careful impressing the natives too much. Eventually they may decide to sacrifice you to their volcano god. :)

  6. Isn't it amazing that God leaves evidence of Himself everywhere? (No issue with you calling God "She," I just don't.) There are so many miracles all around that we miss. Glad you found one to brighten your day! I'm pretty sure that was God sending you flowers just to say "I love you, Eden! And I had as much fun creating you as I did this flower."


  7. That is a VERY cool flower!
    Rocco is a VERY cute kid!
    Happy New Year

  8. Happy 2010! Bring it on. This year is going to be the best yet!

    What a beautiful flower. I haven't seen one before. You are right. If that isn't evidence that there is a God, I don't know what is. I need to make sure I do more "looking" around here. :-) Hugs!

  9. I've seen those before!!!! I saw them when I went on my trip last summer to Monterey when I stopped at the San Juan Bautista mission. There were some in the yard and I took a picture of them but didn't know what they were. They are gorgeous.
    Happy New Year to you too!!

  10. Gorgeous Flower and gorgeous Eden!
    Rocco is adorable. Funny how he calls his dummy Nonno. Did you know Nonno means grandfather in Italian ? We call ours Choochoo around here.

    Have a very Happy one! x

  11. LMFAO at the Who Wants to be a Millionaire shenanigans! Genius!
    I love the flower, I'm not sure I've ever had a passion fruit or seen one. *blush* I often find proof in nature as well. (I found this link a while back. Since you mentioned Einstein I thought I'd share it.
    Your toes look splendid as do you and Rocco is adorable!
    Happy New Year!!

  12. I'm not sure which miraculous proof of God I enjoyed more...the amazing flower or the gorgeous baby in the stroller ( I loved your sound effect for the fairy carnival...good description, too. I could totally imagine some little swing flying out from the flower with some tiny glowing fairies on them. :-)

    You crack me up with your disclaimer. Haha!

  13. What an amazing flower! And what an amazing baby Rocco! He's so frickin adorable. I think he stole the show! I also love that you refer to God as she. Happy New Year, Amazing Eden!

  14. I LOVE that flower!! So many layers - it does look like an art project or kit.

  15. I had no idea passionfruit flowers were so amazing! That is very, very cool. Do it again Eden, do it again!

    Yay for new shiny years!

  16. Happy 2010! Love the post and the video, and I am so impressed at the way you can talk about God and still be yourself, I just feel like a stupid ponce. I love passion fruit flowers, they are so mindblowingly unbelievable. As you say, believe in miracles; if there are flowers like that, miracles are all around us.


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