Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Australia, your Chicketti ..... she's a-ready*

Rocco and Tim aren't the only action hero guys around these parts.

Max is jumping on a giant Haviana thong, green and gold in honour of Australia Day. Or is that Invasion Day? I have a lot to say about this, but I'm too emotionally spent.


Today we drove home, Dave and I had a blazing row in the blazing sun in front of three shocked kids. Awesome. I watched the Australian flag I had attached to the ute get wrenched off by the wind and land onto the busy freeway, tears rolling down my cheeks. It was a bitter and sudden argument, that took both Dave and I by surprise. And feeling like crap.

Angry words ricocheting around the car like bullets. The kids dodged and got quiet. As soon as we stopped ...... Rocco started. Miming us, pretending to yell, getting all of our ugly inflections downpat. It was terrible. And fascinating. Max was trying not to laugh, acting all serious in the back seat.

We came home to an uneasy truce .... but then I bit the bullet and hired out a DVD, bought chocolate, and surprised Dave with a cup of tea. We sat there in the sweaty night, watching Samson and Deliliah.

A beautiful film, stunning and raw. Now THAT is Australia.

Dave sipped his tea in stupid spurts and I wanted to punch him but I held back. I am *such* a nice wife.


* This is a line from a very retro Red Rooster ad in the 1980's. A chicken/pasta dish. My sisters often make me sing it to them, in this weird deep falsetto voice I have. *sniff* Is that a vlog I smell??
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