Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Better. Better get a bucket ..

I've so much to say and so many posts to comment on .. but I just got back from the hospital, Max, Rocco and I are all sick. Tummy bugs, rashes, exhaustion. Had World's Most Indifferent doctor, who might actually work on his bedside manner after being reprimanded by me. Who shouts at a one year old? "OK you, come here. Now."

He's lucky I'm sick.

We are all ok, at home. Thank you for the comments and emails on my last post. I was telling Dave about what you had to say. He was thoughtful for ages ... then goes, "Hon? How does blogging work again?"

He just doesn't understand the concept, calls my bloggy friends "the computer."

"Aw hon you're not going to tell the computer that, are ya?"


Here is a pic I call, "Christmas Sharing." It's probably how I ended up with Rocco's tummy bug.

It was kind of worth it.


  1. Aw Eden..you must tell the computer everything :)

    Boo for nasty tummy bugs and I can only imagine what that doctor would look like with a second @sshole if you had been healthy enough to give him one.

  2. Aww, so sorry you guys were all sick! Glad to hear everyone is home and feeling lots better, though. Sweet pic :).

  3. No! It's spring/summer by you. You aren't supposed to be in that "everyone is sick" special kind of hell. Damn. Feel better.

    I threated to 'tell the computer' something this weekend ... LOL I might have to email it to you, its TMI but funny as hell. Mike just said, Use you blog for good, not evil.


  4. So sorry you're sick. I hope you all are feeling better soon.
    I have a picture like that with my baby sister. I had a cookie in my mouth and she tried taking it out but that didn't work so she reached up with her mouth to take a bite from it. Caught it on camera and it's so cute.

  5. I hope you all feel better SOON! Love the picture though! So sweet!

  6. I'm always one stomach bug away from my goal weight!

    I love that Dave calls us "the computer" - reminds me of my mom!

  7. You mean you're married to a real person? I thought all the Real People existed in the computer.

    Feel better!

  8. We had the world's worst tummy bug last Thanksgiving, and were so weak from the barfing/Hershey squirts that that cat went unfed for 3 days.

    Damn those tummy bugs to Hell!

  9. Well, if you're gonna hurl, may as well all hurl together. Hope you feel better soon.

    Lots of good wishes

    The Computer

  10. Yuck. I'm sorry you are all so sick. Sucks. I hope you feel better soon!

  11. Oh, I love that picture!

    Sorry you are feeling sick. :( I was praying for you today; you popped into my head. Now I know why.

    Hope you smacked that doctor but good.

    (computer hugs and kisses are non-contagious.)

  12. My husband refers to EVERYTHING I do on the internet, IF chat boards, blogging, emails, all of it, as "twittering". And I don't even twitter! It makes me smile when he says it though! LOL!

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  14. I spent 4 days in a hospital last week. I had a doctor from hell. I could go on about bedside manners, but I won't because she was a BITCH! I hope you guys are better.

  15. Dave won't ever get it, will he? Tim won't either. I think it's better that way!

    I'm sorry you're all sick but glad you're getting better. And the doctor really yelled at Rocco?!?!?!?! Does he have a death wish????


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