Monday, 16 November 2009


I was driving along the freeway, pumping U2. Full boar. I haven't listened to them in the longest time. (Not coming to Australia for their current tour *WAH*)

And I was thinking about Bono, wondering what he would be doing at that exact moment in time. Like, that very second. Out there, in the world, somewhere.

I drove up behind a van, overtook ...... and could not believe my eyes.

Can you even bloody believe it??

I grabbed my camera and lunged toward the passenger seat to take that photo. On the freeway. As soon as I snapped it, the chick driving spotted me and laughed and waved, and I waved back, giving her the thumbs up.

It was surreal - what are the chances? I felt like I was in the Truman Show ... obviously, Bono was saying hello to me.

(What's the difference between God and Bono?
God doesn't think he's Bono.)


I showed Dave the photo later, still all giddy. He scrolled through the ten, maybe fifteen photos I took after that one - me driving, me pouting and driving, me giving the peace sign whilst pouting and driving. He shakes his head and walks off.
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