Monday, 16 November 2009


I was driving along the freeway, pumping U2. Full boar. I haven't listened to them in the longest time. (Not coming to Australia for their current tour *WAH*)

And I was thinking about Bono, wondering what he would be doing at that exact moment in time. Like, that very second. Out there, in the world, somewhere.

I drove up behind a van, overtook ...... and could not believe my eyes.

Can you even bloody believe it??

I grabbed my camera and lunged toward the passenger seat to take that photo. On the freeway. As soon as I snapped it, the chick driving spotted me and laughed and waved, and I waved back, giving her the thumbs up.

It was surreal - what are the chances? I felt like I was in the Truman Show ... obviously, Bono was saying hello to me.

(What's the difference between God and Bono?
God doesn't think he's Bono.)


I showed Dave the photo later, still all giddy. He scrolled through the ten, maybe fifteen photos I took after that one - me driving, me pouting and driving, me giving the peace sign whilst pouting and driving. He shakes his head and walks off.


  1. These things dont just "happen"- that is the best story ever.

  2. that is awesome!! I just bought tickets to see them next JULY in is in the outdoor football field, do you think 5 months is too early for bebe girl to attend a U2 concert? :)
    sorry they are not headed your way this tour!

  3. That's wild. I've had things like that happen to me before and I believe it is a sign that I am in the EXACT right place where I'm supposed to be at that very moment. It's a good feeling.

  4. It's a sign! He was thinking of you too! Love that you got a picture, good for you!

  5. Bono is cosmically connected with you. He is sending you signs. In another life you two were lovers. Did you know he reads your blog?

    My flatmate was just in NY and was gutted - the day after he flew out there was Bruce Springsteen and Bono in concert at the Madison Square Gardens. I thought of you!

    If they make it to NZ next year as per rumours, wanna come over?

  6. ROFL - that is a completely awesome sign from the universe!

  7. Coincidence can be a wonderful thing :)


  8. Don't you just love when life throws you a bone. Or should I say BONO....he he he.

    Why are the husbands always so disinterested? They exist off in their own worlds and seem pretty happy there....until they want sex.....then they come running.


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