Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Vlog: How We Roll

I could try filming this 47 more times, pack makeup on and not swear and have a long tendril of hair to cover the MOLE .... but, pffffft. Life's too short.

I want to show you Rocco's new highchair ....


  1. Hahaha! You totally crack me up! I love the high chair, you scored well there lol.

  2. LOL - unbelievable! I didn't even know they would sell/give you one!


  3. I can picture Rocco bracing his little feet against the table and pushing off and sailing all across the kitchen.

    I bet I know what the next vlog will be!!!! The new shopping cart that followed you home from the market. Then maybe you could move onto the motorized hover-round from the local Walmart, to alleviate all that pesky walking in your neighborhood ;)

    Oh Eden...the possibilities are endless--haha.

  4. Um...what mole? You can't see it on my monitor, although the lip gloss is lovely.

    I would have loved that high chair! It's awesome. We borrowed our neighbors' high chair for my daughter, because we were too lazy to go out and buy one.

  5. My new strategy for alleviating my blues is to watch you VLOG -- (or v-log)...and I love that you are 37 too -- God woman, you make 37 look awesome.

    I wish I could just come over and hang out by that fire.

    There are people I know who would KILL for that chair...and I keep thinking -- what was the name of the giant purple guy? An image I'd successfully blocked since about 1978...

    I thought of you this morning when I had a HUGE chunk of leftover baby shower cake -- I thought -- Eden wouldn't judge me -- but it was more like "Epflltn woblblnt udge me" because I was cramming my mouth full of cake -- full bore.


    Love you lady -- even in my quiet space.

    Thank you for the smile this morning. I needed it.


  6. Love, love, loved the Vlog!

    What mole? Seriously. You looked divine.

    Was the purple blob guy named Grimmace?


  7. Ha! Love the vlog! (in american, of course!) And I love how you were so sneaky with Dave home..."oh, he's going upstairs..."

    I can guess where you got that high chair, but my only question is, was it given to you?! That is just hilarious...

  8. You never cease to make me laugh...or cry or gasp or whatever! I think you're brilliant and beautiful. (My mole is hairy, looooverly and ew!)

    I love the chair!

  9. Love the Vlog!! It was a bit like watching the Blair Witch Project with the camera work.

    As for the high chair... I guess whatever works. :-)

  10. Did you go dumpster diving?? That is fucking funny!!! I spit all over my screen :0)

  11. Did you steal that from Mickey D's? Eat too many pork cracklings before going shopping ;)?

  12. Eden, I love you. You make me laugh and I could listen to you talk all day long.

  13. Hilarious!! Loving the V-log action!

  14. You are so cute in your vlog.
    LOVE IT!!

    PS - I see no mole and you look fantastice for any age.

    That high chair looks like it may be from a museum. These days the restaurants around here don't have anything but those cheap wooden things that my daughter legs wont go in.
    Back when I was a kid they had the nice strong metal ones with good wheels. Back when things were made to last!

  15. Who did you have to blow to get that fantastic Ronald McDonald high chair???? Rocco = scarred for life.


    you are so cute!

  16. Omg this cracked me the fuck up nothing like busting out Laughing at work everyone walks by looking at me like I'm crazy!!!But I loved it!! and the comment about Rocco sailing across the floor made me almost pee my pants!! :)

  17. I want that high chair!!! Except I'd need two. Or pretty soon three. Hell, just give me all the ones in the whole McDonald's at the rate I'm going. Anyhow, I'm sure it's a blast with those wheels. You're lovely as usual!

  18. Oh my God that is freakin' fantastic! Hilarious. Lucky Rocco :)

  19. LOL! Oh my gosh, I am GASPING with laughter! That was an awesome video; I am so in love with you right now. I failed directions, too. You're not alone.

    I'm dying to know where you got that high chair. Did you sneak it out the back when the employees weren't looking? Smuggle it home in Dave's ute?

    Rocco, you have the coolest parents ever. You are having the rockingest childhood. Enjoy it, baby.

    (who uses a boring booster seat. Man!)

  20. I love it! A McDonalds high chair. Did you have to steal it? How funny is that.
    I couldn't see the mole either. And you don't look 37.

  21. How sad is it that until you said the grease of a thousand hamburgers, I didn't quite understand where you would get such a contraption.

    I LOVE IT!

    And yes, you make 37 look and sound good. Bitch.


  22. I wouldn't know you were 37 if you hadn't said so. You in no way shape or form look it! And what mole? I still can't see it!

    Love the McHigh Chair! I bet there's a hilarious story behind it. Hahahaha!

  23. Did you steal that high chair?? That's genius, I wish I had thought of that.

    And I still look 37 as well.


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