Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Smells Like Teenage Magpie Spirit

Arrived at the campsite to find God is already here ... see nature's own church steeple, right next to our tent -

I got grounded -

And Dave thinks he is the King of the Campers -

Seriously, how hot is my husband? -

Rocco sleeps in his cot in our tent ... he woke me up this morning by throwing his bottle at my head. He didn't miss -

Camping with a toddler is hard work. Camping with Rocco is beyond ridiculous. NO! NO! NO! Is all we hear, as he runs off every chance he can get. He is a wild, wild guy. I had to stop Dave from buying some fencing from the local hardware and building Rocco a holding pen. He and Tim cannot believe how much hard work Rocco is. I'm SO SMUG. "Welcome to my world." We all take turns in minding this slippery eel -

Just after this photo was taken he squirmed loose from my grip, ran straight into the pool, and fell over. With his head under the water. Dave wrenched him out and we all came back to our tents, freaked out -

Tim continues to be the Best Big Brother in all the land -

I'm still not right, but, at least I'm out in the world instead of hiding away. When I first arrived, Max took me on a "tour" - of all the birds. "Ok mum, so there's swoopy swoopsters, teenage magpies, and those crazy ones that don't blink." I asked how he knew the magpies were teenagers, he just looked at me like, duh! "Because. You can just tell."

There are no vultures.

But there's a big fat pelican who I'm a little disturbed by -

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