Thursday, 24 September 2009

If Rocco Could Motherfucking Talk ...

.... then he would say:

"Oh man. ANOTHER night with hardly any sleep. Can hardly keep eyes open. This getting up ten times a night is getting old. Where's my double-shot flat white ...." -

"Mum! I need my coffee, dammit." -

"Ooooomph. Gemph. Hrmmmmm. Oh yeah baby, dis da shit." -

"I wonder if I can eat my cup now, like in Willy Wonka when they eat the dishes. The first version with Gene Wilder, not the Johnny Depp version .... can't believe they just got one midget for the whole of the Oompa Loompa scenes. Tightarses. Wow I'm not tired anymore. Feel great. On top 'o' the world, Ma! In fact, I could go another coffee. Perks me up a bit, yannow? Can I get another flat white please thanks. Mum. MUUUUUUUUM Are you even listening to me?? What do you mean, you're tired too?? ...."

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