Monday, 10 August 2009

As far as anyone knows, we're a nice, normal family.

We finally replaced our broken camera ... this is my wonderfully descriptive little boy having fun at the park yesterday.


I have so many things to say .... but life keeps getting in the way of blogging. Darn you, life! Also, one of my sisters is having a rough time today, so I will share this story, then tell her to read my blog. How wanky is that? .. "Hi, it's me. Read my blog. Bye"

So, last night, Dave, Tim, Max, myself ... and even Rocco, were all watching the first episode of Australian Idol. Which meant we were watching seventy million ads as well. This one ad was for a panty liner. It's so STUPID. A woman is getting dressed in skin tight clothing, reefing her tight jeans on, and yells out to her boyfriend to please pass her one of her pads. (Or panty liners, I get confused. I am 37 years old and STILL buy myself the wrong pads, the wings stick to my seventies bush ... I frickin' hate wings).

So the boyfriend comes in holding up a choice of two pads. Of course she chooses the thin one, to fit into her skin tight clothing ... it may be thinner but it is more absorbent! Wow!

By this stage, I'm sitting there in Rocco's little green chair (because all the good seats were taken) .... writhing around, shouting how much I hate this stupid ad.

Max pipes up. "What are they?"

Tim starts sniggering, Dave smiles, and I go thoughtful. It's probably a little too early to explain a heavy flow to a seven year old. Max asks again. "What are they? Seriously, what are they?"

At the same time that I said "Womens things," Dave goes, "Bandaids."

Tim loses it and falls off his bean bag, I shift in Roccos tiny chair. (I would need one of those pads/panty liners, to fit into that chair.)

Max turns to me. "What ARE they mum??"

Every effort was expended to not guffaw next to Tim. I didn't want to make Max feel stupid ... but then Dave just says, "Ladies put them on their bum."

Simple. Crisis averted ....... UNTIL ........

Max nods, understanding. "Ohhhhhh ..... a vagina nappy."


(In Australia, nappy means diaper)

I laughed so loud that I fell off my stupid little chair. So I stole Tims beanbag.
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