Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Vlog: What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor Early in the Morning

The one where he discovers his sea legs, gets an injury, then a hug off the big bro. I LOVE how Max hums the end of the news promo song.


  1. You're boys are gorgeous. You totally need to dress Rocco up as the Energiser Bunny.

  2. I agree with sassycupcakes...he takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'!

    Soooo cute! And Max, what a good big brother. Awwwww! Yay!

  3. They are both just too cute!
    How much energy does Rocco have ? I was getting tired just watching him.

  4. I just have a huge smile on my face -- and Max -- what a sweetheart with his little brother --and I just love hearing your voices -- it's so much fun -- if I could stand photos at this point of myself I'd think about posting video -- but that will have to wait until post-baby!


    And tell Dave that 43 year old men are the absolute sexiest -- I have good data on that...

    Love always,


  5. My goodness! Boys are so much different than girls - I don't think my girl moved around that much in an hour, let alone 3 minutes. How do you keep up?

    Max is clearly an awesome big brother!

  6. That's what I used to look like on Friday and Saturday nights...

    Max is such a good big brother. I love how he picked Rocco up and cuddled him.

  7. Man, that kid can crawl like mad! He's so freakin' fast.

    My girl DID did move around that much at that age, and she's even more spastic now. Get ready for it! Once they're steady on their legs, it's run run run all the time. Ellie's got two massively scraped and scabbed knees this week to prove it. Ugh.

    Max is such a sweetheart. You can tell how much he really loves his lil' bro. Almost makes me want to have another one. Almost.

  8. It is such a delight to hear all your voices. And how sweet is your Max to be so kind to his charming little brother?

  9. My face hurts from smiling through that entire video!
    It's funny how Max looks so much like Dave and Rocco looks like your twin.
    90 days today Eden...3 months...Yeah!

  10. Okay, that was too cute. Rocco looked like someone spun him around a bunch of times and then told him to walk in a straight line. My brothers and I used to do that to each other. Too funny!

    Your boys are adorable (but you already knew that).

  11. Your adorable are your sons? Seriously. Rocco has quite the determination and Max is such a sweetheart!


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