Saturday, 4 July 2009

Topcat 4 Gemini

Satan thoughtfully sent one of his demons to come live in my throat for a week. I've never felt anything like it. The hardest part was trying to explain to my husband (you know, the one that was so tough and stoic through CHEMO) .... how sick I actually was. Poor Widdle Eden does not get much sympathy when she is sick, which then makes me sick AND sad, turning me so needy that I then push EVERYONE away out of anger. So then I'm lonely as well.


Dear Winter, Get colder. Oh, wait I forgot .... YOU CAN'T.


There are some draughts in this house that Dave built. Sometimes, after I've sprinkled some extra-strong bitchy on my Cheerios that morning, I'm like: "Dave, just a hint. If you're going to build a big house, BUILD A WARM ONE."
This re-ally hits him where it hurts, he hates being criticised about his work. I need to say it and run.

But, now we have mice running around in our house. Lovely! One actually woke us both up at 4am this morning, Dave said he came out and: "Because they are bushmice, hon, they hop around like little kangaroos." I don't know if he's having me on or not. No mouse I know hops like a fucking kangaroo. I've told him to videotape it, so I can post it here. So now, he's finally plugging up all the draught-holes that I've been asking him to for years. So, thank you, Mouseroo. (PS Stay away from me. Go outside to that nice doggie, she has a surprise for you.)


I pulled Rocco's nappy off, he does a huge wee on the floor and starts to drink it. Hardcore.


Lastly, the awesome Gemini Girl has done a guest post!! And, her last line was the EXACT same as the last line of a post I did last week, and we didn't even know it. Spooky. I'm going to meet her when I come to Americaaz next year. Told her we can walk on a New York street and get a bagel together. Then I will watch her in her bathroom while she straightens her Jew-fro. She has the most amazing hair. Maya posted me the biggest fattest parcel last year, when Dave was so sick. Most of the pressies were for Max - awesome Ben 10 gear, that no-one else in his school had yet. Max loved it - she totally brightened up his life, I will never forget it. Thank you, Maya. XOXOX


So a few weeks ago I asked Eden to write a guest post for me. I asked her to do this because she is freaking awesome. I am sure you all know that already considering you are here reading her blog. Eden was one of my first blog readers. I started my blog about two and half years ago when I was struggling with infertility. I never thought anyone would ever read my blog. But my first comment from Eden after finding out I was pregnant on May 17th 2007 was "Yay for you!! That’s fantastic Maya, congratulations."

Of course, when you have no readers and someone actually leaves you a comment, you click right away to see who it was. I didn't actually know Eden's name until much later- as she went under the pen name "Topcat". I actually thought it was super cool. I remember as a kid, I spent my summers in Israel at my grandparents house. There were many cats that came and went from their estate- as my grandmother believed in always feeding them.

She said that they were G-D's creations and needed to be taken care of too. She was awesome. There was one cat who was orange and FEARLESS. No matter how much we tried to shoo him away, he would not budge. He always waited by their front door for food. He was kind of annoying. My brother and I dubbed him "Topcat" because all he needed was a fedora. (Note - I am annoying, and I want a fedora! - Eden)

He was a very chill feline - never scared. Then one day, he disappeared. Never to be heard from again. No. OK, I lied- he was hit by a car and died. But isn't the disappearing story better? I have no idea how this pertains to Eden. Anyway, I adore this woman beyond belief. The truth is, I had a very sheltered upbringing. I grew up with both a mother and a father in a SUPER DUPER dysfunctional household- of course Eden takes the cake for dysfunctional upbringings.

There is an awesome memoir waiting to be written in our little redheaded Eden. Yes, she took a detour or two to get to where she is, but she is raw and emotional and in touch with herself. And through it all this woman is a ROCK STAR. I wouldn't dare say things that she says (although I definitely think it- especially about nose hairs and such). She is FEARLESS. Much like our old friend Topcat. I just hope she doesn't get hit by a car because that would suck.***SMOOCH**


  1. Yay for Maya! I sometimes pop over to her site though I must confess I'm not a regular reader. She is very, very cool. If I can swing Blogher, I can't wait to meet both of you.


  2. Two of my favorite people! Smooches to you both!

    Man, I wish I could get to BlogHer, too!

    Hoping you are feeling better, E. Hugs!

  3. He he he. I also hope you don't get hit by a car. :)

    And if you still have problems with those mice, let me know and I'll send you our little Ninja Kitty. You'll just need to dispose of the bodies. Or I can send Godzilla Kitty up too and you can be amazed at the small range of foreign objects he wont eat.

  4. Hey Eden, hope you are feeling better. Maya rocks like you do and I think I would match you with the man-hands.

  5. Dont let Dave block the holes whist mouse-roo is still inside!!
    We have micey's at the moment too - hate it - every cold snap it happens. I screamed this morning when i came down stairs and one ran across from under the fridge.

    I love Maya's guest post! Can I be totally ignorant and ask why 'God' had the '-' in the middle please?

    Hope Sunday is warmer for you Eden!


  6. Hi Maya!

    E ... it's me, The Palest Of Mothers. I have returned from IRL imposed exile. One of the best things about turning my laptop back on for the first time in five days was seeing ~two~ posts in my reader from you (some from Pam, too!). But you know I was so fried that I had to save them for this morning, when I could actually see straight again(houseguests took a toll five ways from Sunday, but it's over now!! Yay!!).

    As for Laughing At Eden Day, Bleep that Bleep. Sounds like the dark side having a go. Bad karma for them, count on it. Live by it, die by it. Even though I know better, I'd like to punch those girls for you (how very Zen of me).

    As for your hopping mice, apparently you have five kinds of them Down Under:

    Don't ask me how I knew that. Something to do with a book that I had when I was a kid, I think.

    I love you madly.


  7. Feel better, love!
    Gemini, you did an AMAZING job describing Eden! She is quite the ROCK STAR! Nice work!

  8. Pee-drinking- ahhahahha! That is one clever boy.

    Ever since we gave our cat to the in-laws, we've been overrun with fluffy cottontail bunnies. Beats mice, methinks.

  9. I love both your blogs! This gave me a chuckle. Thanks for sharing. And sorry you were sick!


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