Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Puffy Heart

Apparently, when you are doing the crying-it-out-method with your twelve month old baby .... IT SUX. BAD.

Apparently, when you are doing said method and he has cried for two hours, then slept, then cried some more ... so finally you go in, to realise he has been crying from having a dirty nappy and the worst nappy rash of his life?? Yeah, also sux.

Apparently when you are changing said nappy at 3.15am and he doesn't even kick you, just lies there looking at you in gratitude that you are changing his nappy - his poor bum so sore and red - apparently you curse yourself a thousand curses.

I can't tell you how bad I've felt all day. And tired! It's like, a whole new level.

So, I did a pump class today and pumped SO HARD, that I'm at home right now breathless and fucked up, heart pumping so fast it's freaking me out. I'm either having a heart attack, or panic attack. This could be my last blog post. Dave didn't even take me seriously, just put the phone next to me in case I need to "call someone" then left.

I just googled "breathless after exercise" and came back with "pulmonary embolism". Why is Dr Google always so serious with the diagnosis?

If this IS my last blog post, tell Dave that next time his wife says she's having a heart attack ... HIS WIFE IS HAVING A HEART ATTACK.

Goodbye. Love deeply. Eat more chocolate.



  1. You still there, oh frantic heart racing one?

  2. I bet you get a lot of weirdos coming to your site after they search for "Pump so hard"


  3. From someone who knows -- panic attacks are terrifying. I hope you're okay my friend...I'm thinking of you.


    Chocolate cake helps too. Well, I can only speak for myself ...

  4. Glad you're alive! Sorry Little Guy is not being so fantastic. Hang in there, love. I promise it will get better. I know that's shitty advice, but it is true! I did the cry it out thing with Zilla and it was TORTURE. I had to chat with a friend online just so I wouldn't go in there and hold him and love him. I felt like such an asshole. But it did get better and he did go to sleep on his own.


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