Thursday, 4 June 2009

Operation Crybaby .... BIG SUCCESS!

Last night, the baby slept from 6.30pm till 7.20am.

I heard him once, about 1am ... he gave two teeny cries, then went back to sleep.

The annoying thing: Daves mobile phone started beeping at 3am. (!!!!) Of course he had his trusty earplugs in, so I had to get up and turn the fucker off.

And then Max had a nightmare, so came in at 4am. I gave him a cuddle ... which was fine, because, NO SCREAMING! I'm a new woman. And Rocco seems so much calmer. Obviously he has been sleep deprived too, the poor sweetheart.

When Max was a baby, there is simply no way I would ever ever let him cry, because he only ever cried for a reason. On the day Rocco was born, he was pulled from my belly and started crying like an air-raid siren. It literally took 10 seconds for me to think ... seriously dude, WTF!! I'm actually thinking of taking him to see a kinesiologist, I suspect he might have been quite affected by the circumstances surrounding his birth. I'll take Max too, he holds everything in and doesn't say much.

So, hopefully we are all on a new sleeping journey.

Thank you for your support.


Poo Catcher of the Universe
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