Friday, 5 June 2009

Oh Baby

This morning Rocco woke up so listless and upset. He vomited, and then just cried and cried. I knew it was serious when he let me cuddle him, just lay there looking at me. I decided to take him to see a doctor, as there is a long weekend here. No-one could fit him in, so I had to go to the medical centre and wait, as a "walk-in." The poor guy was so upset at that stage, squirming, not happy anywhere. After an hour and a half, one of the docs took pity on us and saw us.

Thank goodness I took him in. He has an ear infection and a secondary chest infection, topped off with a nasty fungal nappy rash. He's on antibiotics, with strict instructions so take him straight to hospital if he gets worse. He has a dreadful cough, very rattley. He ate some dinner tonight and vomited all over me, dripping all through my hair.

He is asleep now, in his cot. Needless to say, he has the emergency dummy in his mouth. He has never been this sick, looking at me like, help! I keep going into his room, making sure he is still breathing. It's freaky. Dave and the other boys are away, so it's just me and the baby. I'm so flat I'm not even scared ... usually I visualise being murdered in my sleep, by a crazy loon who has been living in our roof for three months. But I'm just too tired tonight. I had to lug all the fricking wood in and light the fricken fire, like some kind of pioneer woman. I usually like doing this but tonight I just wished there was a button to press for instant heat.

I wish there was a button to press for a do-over on Roccos first year of life. I hope he knows how much I love him. Controlled crying during the sickest week of his life? Awesome.

The only good thing is, I finally got a new charger for the video camera. So when he gets better I can film him again. I never found my mobile phone .... all the video and photos of Rocco in his first 6 months were in there, never downloaded because I am an IDIOT. I couldn't charge the camera on his first birthday because of the missing cord. It really does feel like I fail him a lot. Even though he is sick, it's so nice to pour myself all over him. Children are so forgiving, it never fails to humble me.

I'm off to load so much wood on this frickin fire that it turns into a sauna. Maybe smoke out crazy loon roof guy.


  1. Stoke up the fire and grab yourself a big mug of hot choclate with lots of marshmallows.

    When G had his ear infection I found placing a hotwater bottle in his crib for him to lay on helped with the pain and he slept a bit better.

    Poor Rocco and poor mummy.

  2. Oooohhhh. I hope the poor little guy feels better soon. Give him a hug from me. And you can have a hug too.
    Oh and I remember years ago when I was growing up in the Seattle area having to haul wood in and I HATED it! Hope you stay warm.

  3. Oh Eden, you've had such a bad run lately.

    I used to visualize my kids growing up to be axe murderers when I felt like I failed them when they were young. Thought I wasn't fit to be called Mom.

    But guess what? They all turned out to be the greatest, most well-adjusted kids EVER, and they don't remember a thing about when they were 1. Rocco knows he is loved beyond belief, so he'll be just great.

    Right now you can both use each other's hugs, so cuddle him all day, stay warm, and the two of you will heal together.

  4. Get better, sweet Rocco!

  5. That poor baby! He will be up and happy in no time since he has the best nurse taking care of him.

    Get some much needed sleep, sweetie!


  6. Oh, poor Rocco. I hope he's feeling better soon.

    You know how you can tell that you haven't failed him? You're the one he looks to for help when he's not feeling well. He knows you'll take away the hurts.

  7. Poor little guy! And poor mama - that sounds rough, being alone and living like a pioneer. Although between the barf and the wood smoke, I reckon you're safe from crazy loon roof guy.

    Hang in there, my friend. And try to take it easy on yourself - I can tell just by looking at the pictures of all of you that your wee boy knows exactly how much you love him, and he returns that love to you about a thousand times over.

  8. Poor Rocco, I hope he feels better soon.
    Poor you, I hope you have some beautiful moments together this weekend.

    Oh I used to visualise the crazy loon in the roof too and there was also one under my bed....bloody freaky!

  9. Oooh dear.

    One of my two is spewing rather freely at the moment- courtesy of a cold. HSe drinks her own snot and it makes her vomit.

    Doesn't stop her, though,



  10. Awww...poor baby. Give him a little hug from auntie Stacie. I hope he feels better very soon.

    And E. Listen closely. Your baby loves you. What is there not to love? :-) You are a lovely woman and mother, and your little man is lucky--yes lucky--to have you as his mum.


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