Saturday, 23 May 2009

Vlog: Meet Dave

Recently I had a bit of a meltdown (UNDERSTATEMENT!) when I could not find the video camera charger. I still can't find it, so naturally all I want to do every day is film. But I can't, so it makes me want to do it MORE and it's driving me darn crazy. Here's a video I took back in January ... Dave talks! AND Max!

(Please ignore the close-up of me when I held the camera to myself, FAIL.)


  1. I love hearing you talk :) You need to do more videoing...oh wait, you can't find the charger. You may need to do an ebay Australia and buy another.....then you will find the original. It never fails.

  2. You know what it is about the Australian dialect that cracks me up? You frequently go up at the end of the sentence, which makes it sound like everything is so exciting.

    I hope you find your charger soon, so I can see more video!

  3. Lovely. Really nice. The sound of you all and the music in the background.

    You guys surprised me tonight. Usually catch you in the A.M.


  4. Eden, Max is freakin adorable! I yelled for my son Nick(9yrs) to come in and watch the video. He asked why I never posted a video like that. I said because I don't live in Edenland! Besides that, I don't have the cute, sexy, Aussie accent!

  5. ROFL Eden! YOU are such a dude! LOL!!!

    Love the video! Hey, where's the waterhole, it sounds like fun!!


  6. You know what? That was taken the "day" I gave birth to Karl. Although I gave birth on Jan 10th, you guys are so ahead of us, it was the 11th already for you. How cool is that?

    You have a fucking awesome family.

    If I came to visit, could you share your husband with me? I mean, it wouldn't count as an affair since you would KNOW and it wouldn't count even more since it would be from a girl from another country. Totally wouldn't count. ~wink~

    (omg. i can't believe you said "it's better to burn out than fade away". Mr kurt did say that in his suicide note, but he was quoting neil young.)

  7. How did I miss this ?

    You guys rock. I want to know where that waterhole is too, please tell!


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