Monday, 25 May 2009

Gratitude. It's what's for dinner.

This is what I was doing at 6.37pm tonight. How lucky am I? (Even though my neck is obviously a tree trunk)

I really am blessed beyond belief. Anyone who doesn't believe in miracles needs to come and spend the night at my house.

Right now the fire is cranked up so high that all the guys are complaining and peeling off layers. Except me. Take THAT autumn! It's like a sauna. Max is sitting up on the couch next to me, past his bedtime. But I don't care. There are just too many rules in life sometimes, too much stuff we are "supposed" to do. I've already promised him ice cream for breakfast. You'd think he was going to frickin' Disneyland tomorrow.

Tim came home from work, played with his brothers, talked and laughed with me ... and then cooked dinner!! It was so good that I told him he had to cook on every day that ended with a "y". He shrugged, and said sure. Half an hour later he's like ... "Hey, hang on!!"

As for the one year old ... the instant the candle was blew out on his cake last week, it all changed. It's awesome - he's one. No more first year, infancy is over, and I don't miss it. It wasn't what I thought it would be (UNDERSTATEMENT) .... but now we have got our groove on. I was putting his jammies on in front of the fire tonight, and I whispered in his ear three "I love you's".

And they weren't forced, or from guilt, or sorrow. They were real.

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