Monday, 25 May 2009

Gratitude. It's what's for dinner.

This is what I was doing at 6.37pm tonight. How lucky am I? (Even though my neck is obviously a tree trunk)

I really am blessed beyond belief. Anyone who doesn't believe in miracles needs to come and spend the night at my house.

Right now the fire is cranked up so high that all the guys are complaining and peeling off layers. Except me. Take THAT autumn! It's like a sauna. Max is sitting up on the couch next to me, past his bedtime. But I don't care. There are just too many rules in life sometimes, too much stuff we are "supposed" to do. I've already promised him ice cream for breakfast. You'd think he was going to frickin' Disneyland tomorrow.

Tim came home from work, played with his brothers, talked and laughed with me ... and then cooked dinner!! It was so good that I told him he had to cook on every day that ended with a "y". He shrugged, and said sure. Half an hour later he's like ... "Hey, hang on!!"

As for the one year old ... the instant the candle was blew out on his cake last week, it all changed. It's awesome - he's one. No more first year, infancy is over, and I don't miss it. It wasn't what I thought it would be (UNDERSTATEMENT) .... but now we have got our groove on. I was putting his jammies on in front of the fire tonight, and I whispered in his ear three "I love you's".

And they weren't forced, or from guilt, or sorrow. They were real.


  1. oooh, I'd love someone to cook me dinner. Glad you're doing good. Hugs to you.

  2. Oh, this most certainly qualifies as a perfect moment.

    Want to come over and add it?

  3. Dude, Your fridge looks like mine!
    Pictures, invitations, business cards, you name it, it's plastered there! I even have a speeding ticket there.
    Rocco is adorable!

  4. Just a big "yay" for this post.

    Lori is right. THat is a perfect moment.

    admission ... I was reading my comments and saw the girl with the low beta and went to comment and saw you had already commented, saying you came from my blog and was all fucking butthurt you read mine and didn't comment. And then I went back to finish reading and you left a badass comment. heh.

    Hrm. Are you one of those girls who like to watch? (hah. what inappropriate comments I leave on such sweet posts, eh?)

  5. Loving that. And ice cream for breakfast. You rock.

  6. Hey there,

    Girl with the low beta here - thanks so much for beta busting story.

    I really appreciate it.

    Your 'beta boy' is very cute.


  7. Ahhh so beautiful! Way to go!

  8. BABY THIGHS! That's what's for dinner! Nom nom nom!

    I am so glad that you had a lovely day. I'm wishing you many, many more. And laughing at Tim but in the very best way. He is a sweetheart for cooking you dinner.


  9. Hey, we need to borrow that stepson of your over here...

    And Rocco is ONE!

  10. This type of happiness is infectious! Thanks.

    A few times my mom made us oatmeal for breakfast but instead of milk she put a scoop of ice cream in ti. I still remember those time. it was THAT special.

  11. Man, look at those guns of yours! Pump class has really done you good!
    Rocco is adorable! I love his blondish red hair, just like his mamma.
    I too love fires on a cool autumn night, but thankfully I won't have to think about that since it's almost summer here! YEAY!
    Take care, sweetie!

  12. Hell, yes, Eden! HELLLLLLL YESSSS!!!!!!!!

    You rock.

  13. He can cook me dinner, too.




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