Tuesday, 7 April 2009

My Clucker Broke

What's funnier than a teething baby?

Taking a teething baby on a CAMPING TRIP.

Heaven. Help. Us.

We leave tomorrow. I will be taking my laptop, for "work" (hahahahaha) ... so I will try and update from my tent. There better not be any spiders. I'm in no mood. Having a SHIT time lately, for multitudes of reasons. Life is stupid. It's too hard.

I can't even finish this post ... the baby will not stop crying. He thinks being a newborn was so fun, that he's decided to re-visit it. (The retro little guy!) So, he has woken every two hours for the past few nights.

I will never, ever be clucky again. The other day I was bribing - I mean buying Max some Lego, and I stepped back into the Baby Alive dolls. They all started saying "MA-MA" at once. I was so disturbed that a little bit of wee came out.


  1. Tylenol! Baby Advil! Any kind of infant safe anti-inflammatory. And a chew toy, uh, I mean a teething toy. Persevere.

    Why would you go camping - even without a teething baby? Yuk.

  2. Maybe you'll have a good time? I know..sorry that wasn't very nice. I'll be the baby will have fun though. They're will be all kinds of sticks for him to chew on and dirt to get into. He'll be in "boy heaven". Check out my post, it's for you AND it'll totally make you laugh! Good luck!

  3. I tell you that my kids have had so much Tylenol that they open like little birds when they see me with the bottle! I need to buy some stock in that stuff.

    Hugs, E. I know it is rough. Jason is still working on two more teeth and then I think he'll be done with his whole set--only for Shawn to start up because he "only" has the eight.

    I hope all the spiders in the area keep the f away from you. (or stomp the heck out of them for invading your space) Just tell them to get lost when you get to your camping spot to warn them all away and then you won't even have to feel bad for killing any you see. Not that you would feel bad about killing a spider or anything. You gave them a fair shot at survival with the warning. Heh. :-)

    Hm. I am rambling so I need to go. TTYS

  4. Laughing a bit at that last line. I remember my baby alive. You fed it food and it would work it's way down the tube and fill it's diaper. I suppose they're kind of similar to real babies.
    I have to admit that I'm kind of with the first commenter. Why would you go camping?? I guess I'm just not much into camping. Hope it's a good time.

  5. HAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I laughed so hard at your wee line that a little bit of wee came out!! MATE - get that Brauer teething drops and sing him the skulling song as he drinks the bottle "here's to Rocco, he's true blue...."
    Mate take the mortein with you in the tent and spray those mutherfuckas. x

  6. Do you have a product there called oragel? IT SAVED MY SANITY when the boys were teething. The directions say to place a small amount on the affected area...yeah, I swabbed it with a paint roller, and damn, it worked.

  7. That would disturb me too.

    Did you know that you can alternate Tylenol and Motrin every two hours? Just be sure to write down what you've done so you don't OD the baby. (Ie, make sure the mortin isn't more than every six hours and the T isn't more than every four.) We swear by this. Sweet, sweet relief. Better living through chemistry.

    If all else fails, leave him to be raised by wolves for a while. They'll give him back when they're sick of the crying.


  8. OMG that last sentence made me laugh out loud in my cubicle hell- so thank you.

    otherwise, tylenol is the way to go. My dr said you can give it to a teething baby every night- so of course, we gave it to neve most nights (shes the bad teether of the bunch).

    thanks for the laugh!

  9. Um, Eden? Could you please not be quite so funny first thing in the morning? I stupidly read this just after getting to work but before having the required wee. And I think you know what happened.

    Poor Rocco and poor you, living with what amounts to a highly mobile and risk-taking newborn. That is the combination from hell. Hope he finds some healing twigs to gnaw on while you're camping.

  10. I am trying to picture you right now. In my mind, the little dude is chewing on a tent pole and you are searching the woods for an escape hatch. Bwahahaah!

    I nominated you for a silly award on my blog...cause I like ya! Lots!

  11. Enjoy the camping. And the kid. You know you love it ;)

  12. I'm hoping life gets easier and the camping trip is lots of fun !

  13. Psst. Eden. It's me. The bad commenter.

    Loved this post. I, too, laughed loud at the bit about the doll babies and the wee. :)

    Just saying, Hi. Thinking of you.



  14. I have an image of you curled up with a laptop in a little pup tent while all the boys are dancing around a campfire (or crawling in Roccos case) and howling! I hope you're at least having a little fun!


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