Tuesday, 7 April 2009

My Clucker Broke

What's funnier than a teething baby?

Taking a teething baby on a CAMPING TRIP.

Heaven. Help. Us.

We leave tomorrow. I will be taking my laptop, for "work" (hahahahaha) ... so I will try and update from my tent. There better not be any spiders. I'm in no mood. Having a SHIT time lately, for multitudes of reasons. Life is stupid. It's too hard.

I can't even finish this post ... the baby will not stop crying. He thinks being a newborn was so fun, that he's decided to re-visit it. (The retro little guy!) So, he has woken every two hours for the past few nights.

I will never, ever be clucky again. The other day I was bribing - I mean buying Max some Lego, and I stepped back into the Baby Alive dolls. They all started saying "MA-MA" at once. I was so disturbed that a little bit of wee came out.
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